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Jessica Jones Spoiler Policy

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Please bear in mind that, even though all 13 episodes were released simultaneously, most people will be watching the episodes in order, as they were intended, and many will be posting to the episode threads accordingly. So when posting, please refrain from posting information from later episodes in the episode threads. (For instance, if you're posting in the thread for Episode 3, please avoid revealing anything that happened in Episodes 4 through 13.) If you absolutely must post this information to make your point (say, you feel the need to reveal that

Jessica's been know to enjoy the occasional adult beverage

), then use spoiler tags.

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I'd like to note here for other posters' benefit that in the character threads, people will post spoilers untagged.  I didn't know that.  I wish I did.  The only time there's a big red flashing sign that says "Spoilers" is at the thread for All Episodes Talk.  

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