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S06.E07: Heads Up - Pre-Air Speculation and Live Chat

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Oh come on.  I don't care about Enid, though I do like random destroyed coffee diners.


OOh Glenn!  Why are you wasting time with her??


See Glenn??? Just leave her out there, you wouldn't have gotten nearly eaten but for your Nicholas project.

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We just saw how the herd will get in.

And got confirmation that DeAnna will die.

Hey Rosita, why she got that dumb outfit on again?

Was just thinking this. Pro-active + tomb raider gear + dolphin smooth no longer interested....glad you don't fear death, Rosita.

Omfg fuck you Enid.

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It was nice of Rick to name all the characters we've been wanting to see. 


Really, shouldn't they be a little more concerned with the immediate threat pushing on the walls? Especially given the lack of inner supports.

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"They burned people alive." -- Carol

Is that a little ironic, Carol? I guess she waited for Karen and David to die first.

ETA: but she killed them, so...

I thought it was pretty clear she was covering up for the girl...

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This is me in that last scene....  That looks like a pizza parlor.  I bet you could find a way to make pizza in the zombie apocalypse.


Then.  Don't grab a person by the mouth with a hand covered in blood.


Then.  Didn't Eid's hair used to be a darker brown.


Then,  I'm getting annoyed with the constant 'Glenn might be killed for trying to help useless morons.'  The biggest surprise TWD could ever pull was Glenn getting killed while not trying to help someone unwilling to help themselves.

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I wouldn't put it past the show at this point for Enid to kill Glenn just to fuck with the audience some more.


I'm 100% positive Glenn's a dead man walking. I just don't know when, where, or how.

(Unless they stick to the comics and then I do have those answers.)

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