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Movie Worlds To Live In?

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If you could live in a world as featured in a movie, what movie's world would you like to live in?

Movies I would love to live in:
1) The Brothers Bloom - I like the kind of wacky caper factor of everything.
2) The Royal Tenanbaums/Moonrise Kingdom/Wes Anderson anything  - The colours and the style and the fact that everything about his movies feels so lived in is something I really like.
3) Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World - I live in Toronto so I sort of do this anyway, but the heightened video game reality is awesome.
4) High Fidelity - I would enjoy hanging out and talking about pop culture all day.

And go!

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Labyrinth - Hanging out with David Bowie and Jim Henson muppets all day would be cool.

Singles - Mostly because I want to live as an adult in the early '90s, in that sweet apartment, and hang out with Pearl Jam and Chris Cornell.

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The nostalgic in me would love to hang out in the world of Dazed and Confused for a few weeks. Old enough to have some independence, young enough to have freedom from most responsibilities. I'd hate to stay there long-term, but I wouldn't mind a visit now and then.

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There is nothing I want more than to go to Hogwarts. I'm still hoping my acceptance letter is just lost in the mail. I'd also love to spend a winter weekend curled up in the English cottage from The Holiday. With Jude Law, of course.

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I want to live in the world of Top Hat. Art deco fabulousness everywhere... with horse drawn carriages for some reason, roadsters and fabulous boats... the hotel rooms are mansions in and of themselves, everyone is shockingly witty and I can dance with Fred Astaire.


The Shire is also quite beautiful for a more pastoral, rustic change. Either that or the treehouse in Swiss Family Robinson. My love for that treehouse is hereditary. My mother loves it and wants to live in it and she passed that love down to me.


For sci fi... forever and always Star Wars. I like that it's dirty and so much looks recycled and cobbled together, especially the ships. But I also like the differences in the planets and how you've got the core of the galaxy with Coruscant and then the outer rim planets like Tatooine and Hoth that are barely civilized. There's room to breathe in that galaxy! Plus, the possibility exists of running into Han Solo or being a Jedi. Or BOTH!

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