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So, the Spencer brothers were the only worthwhile part of today’s show, yes? Dont get me wrong, Wyatt is being ridiculous, and I wish Liam had asked him to clarify if Sally knows things are fully done with them before going on a date with Flo because if not that’s gross, but at least Liam is a person in Wyatt’s life who pushes back a little and doesn’t just say he’s the bestest. Plus, Thomas bashing.

so my new head canon is that instead of Thomas going all rapey, his manipulation of Douglas should reach a point where he accidentally puts the kid in danger/Douglas gets hurt. Then the Spencers can decide they’ve had enough, and Liam/Hope can sue for custody of Liam’s cousin’s kid (with Karen/Dani backing their play), and they can use all of Thomas’ manipulations about how Douglas thinks of Hope as a mother, and totally win.

then if they want to continue the Taylor/Logan feud or reignite Steffy vs. Hope (and kill Steam for good) or have a reason to break up Bridge or whatever, they at least have a new reason to do so. Bonus points if Bill and/or Brooke use their knowledge of Taylor’s attempted murder of Bill to neutralize Team Thomas in some way.

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Wonder if Bell thinks watching a sociopath preying on a woman in the throes of deep grief & depression while using his innocent son is entertaining in any way shape or form.

And those 3 screeching women🤦‍♀️ continually blathering on & on about their super secret SEEKRET all the while repeating said SEEKRET out loud about every other sentence every damn day where everyone can (& does) hear them. We get it already. We got it a few months ago actually.

And Wyatt...he's asking Flo on a DATE? What about Sally?? Man, they are erasing all that sweet 💋 love & cuteness like it never existed.💔 Sheesh...at least let Wyatt & Sally have a conversation to end things before Wyatt moves on to another woman. .

If it wasn't for this forum & you guys ♥️ pretty sure I wouldn't bother with this dreck.

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Day after day, Zoey’s balls get bigger and Hope’s mind gets mushier as well as Thomas’ acting gets worse.  

Yes, Hope, a young woman has a premonition she’s going to die and that Hope will need a new family.  I have a dislike for dumb ass people who insult my intelligence and TIIC can’t be anymore insulting to me.

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C'mon, Hope, seriously?  Caroline, who was young and was presumably honest-to-goodness healthy, decided to write a letter about what would happen to Douglas if she should die. AND ... no mention in the letter about Thomas. It made it sound like somebody should post an ad on Craig's list for a woman who'd be interested in adopting a motherless little boy, bio-father be damned. (Given this bio-dad, maybe least said, soonest mended. (TM) Caroline Ingalls.) 

On top of that ... how can Hope NOT be suspicious of the "timing," especially given Thomas' most recent behavior???  I know she's in a bad state mentally and emotionally, but really? I can't believe she's finally going to ditch Liam over all of this. 

I know that Brad Bell thinks he's a master story-teller by dragging this story on and on for the "drama" and audience (what audience, nobody even posts here) "anticipation," but today's show was a prime example of why that's a terrible idea. We're stuck with boring filler scenes of "the coven" (Zoe, Flo and Shauna) blabbing at full volume about "the secret" where anybody could hear them and it's the same rhetoric.

Sorry, watching "Bro" and "Dude" sit around drinking beer and burning scenery minutes doesn't interest me either. ITA that Wyatt needs to make a clean and honest break with Sally before actively pursuing Flo (again). I don't have a problem with him dating both of them, but he needs to be upfront about it. I don't know if Sally would like going from being the "loved live-in" to second in the dating rotation. Wyatt criticizing Sally for being "supportive" of Thomas is 1000 shades of hypocritical when he's been doing the same thing with Flo even before Thomas confided in Sally. Honestly, Sally is better off without him. 

If Steffy is supposedly going to be done with Liam once and for all, then let him date Sally. They got along very well, so why not? It's not like those folks don't date each other's ex's. 

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5 hours ago, CharlizeCat said:

Sorry, watching "Bro" and "Dude" sit around drinking beer and burning scenery minutes doesn't interest me either.

Oh, I am SO glad someone said this!

5 hours ago, CharlizeCat said:

It's not like those folks don't date each other's ex's. 

They date each other's exes exclusively! 🙂

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On 5/18/2019 at 7:20 PM, RuntheTable said:

Why is Zoe still living. I put out a hit on her a few days ago. 

You made me LOL with this line. 

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