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S04.E07: Can't Get Used To Losing You

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Is this your speculation, or has she said that somewhere publicly?


It's my speculation. But this speaks of her getting support from "unexpected sources."


Before I learned from spoilers that Jeff was gonna die, I figured they would have Marcus hit on Layla. So maybe now he will be comforting her. But knowing the Nashville team the "unexpected" source will be the obvious one we all expect to comfort her: Will. Peebles already spoke of them re-bonding and having more scenes together. It the least unexpected source though. He and Jeff were the only people Layla ever interacted with. That Rayna will be supportive and caring is a given. The only other truly unexpected source I can think of is Scarlett.




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Ack! After all the complaining about Scarlett's giant mane of hair... Too much! Too much is gone!

I would like to suggest a drinking game for every time Deacon utters "The Beverly." That way, one will be too hammered to be annoyed by it.

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I knew the hair cut was coming but I was thinking more of a bob.

Beverly's coma hair shocked and scared me.

The funeral font IN MEMORY had tears rolling down my face and not for the reasons they wanted. Hadn't laughed that hard in a long time.

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Color me surprised, they made me like Layla. So happy that Jeff's sister was bitchy, it ran in the family. Nice of the writers to show that the "let's move in together" was sincere.

Maybe she can buy into "The Beverly" and call it "The Beff"? Or "The Jeverly"?

So glad Scarlett lost the hair. Locks of love? Eh, maybe it went to a squirrel nest?

And what alcoholic with a liver transplant buys a bar as a tribute? That's like buying a pony to honor someone who got thrown off a horse and died.

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After all the build up it came to Juliette telling Luke she needed help and his publicist arranging it and dropping her off in the next scene? That's it? Throw in the non talk between Deacon and Rayna and this has got to be the least emotionally satisfying episode ever. Who wrote this crap?

So glad Scarlett cut her hair.  She's too tiny and petite to have that lion's mane overpowering her.  Her new look is cute and very "in" these days.

But where is she hiding her hair? Current pics still show Clare with the mane.

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The hair is really gone. Not sure what's up with the recent pictures!


Was it always planned for Juliette to go to rehab at this point in the story, or did her real-life circumstances get this plot point bumped up?


This show is so depressing lately. Good things need to start happening soon or I'm not going to care if this gets cancelled.

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I've really hated Scarlett's hair and wished she would get it styled or cut.  Tonight showed you should be careful for you wish for, because I think she over did it.  Her pixie cut is hideous. 


Ugh, can't anyone have any fun on this show?

The only part I liked:  Will and Avery's lullaby.  2 men and a baby indeed.

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Whoa!  I was so out of the loop, so I totally didn't know they were finally killing off the worst character on this show... Scarlett's Hair!  Thank goodness!  And Claire Bowen looks gorgeous with her new look.


Thank goodness Juliette finally is trying to get some kind of help.  I have no idea if she can ever fully recover after all the bridges she burned and disintegrated in her wake, but better late then never, I guess.  Of course, knowing about the real-life events surrounding Hayden Panettiere, still makes all of this more depressing then it even should be (and it already is pretty depressing...)


Will, I may have issues with you, but boy, do you have Gunnar pegged when it comes to how he is with women.  Of course, Gunnar isn't going to listen to advice, because that's how Gunnar rolls!  But Will was pretty much the MVP of this episode between that, being there for Layla, and his scenes with Avery.


Caleb has another snit fit, but apologizes for it.  Felt like we've seen this already a few times.


Even after finding out the truth, Luke is still going to cover-up what really happened to Jeff.  I don't see this ending well for Luke.


Have nothing really to say about Rayna, Deacon, and "The Beverly", because I still find this entire plot to be the stupidest.  Not stupid like Peggy and the pig blood was, because that was entertaining at least, but just stupid in a lame way.

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I'm going to retract my comment about Scarlett's hair being Beverly coma hair.

It was originally slated to be a contrived Beverly tribute that I made fun of in the spoiler thread but reading Clare's reason for cutting it off makes it clear there was a greater meaning behind it and I applaud her.

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Was it always planned for Juliette to go to rehab at this point in the story, or did her real-life circumstances get this plot point bumped up?

It was always planned.  They were filming or about to film Ep. 8 when she went in for treatment. 

I'll spoiler this even though I don't know the changes made so this could completely be gone by the time the next ep airs...


Episode 8 was Juliette checking into a treatment center. 

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Oh, yay! The misery continues! Per usual, I skimmed a lot, but...that Rayna/Deacon thing went down just like I expected: he whines, she caves, and nothing is resolved. She's once again so afraid of losing him that she lies. I want Rayna to evolve! And remember when Deacon said he was ready to be the man she needed? I guess that's about as reliable as "you can tell me everything or nothing."

I did like how Frank pointed out that Deacon should have spoken to Rayna about his latest purchase...you know, how grown-ups do partnerships.

This thing with Jeff is so dumb. It's the same with Beverly. The show has killed off characters who were horrible people and is trying to pass it off like we should all be devastated. Jeff and Beverly were mean, nasty, spiteful jerks. I don't care at all that they are no more.

I think Scarlett's hair looks fine, and Connie looked so pretty in that five-second scene in the bed when Deacon was acting like a normal almost-husband.

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I've really hated Scarlett's hair and wished she would get it styled or cut.  Tonight showed you should be careful for you wish for, because I think she over did it.  Her pixie cut is hideous.

Agreed! It does not suit her! But then again neither did that mop. But I actually think I hate the pixie cut more and that is amazing even to me. 

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Jeff was well-known in the music industry so his death had to be acknowledged by Juliette and other professional connections. The only person who was sobbing over him was Layla, which is because she's a young girl with self-esteem issues who believed herself to be in love with Jeff and that the feeling was mutual.


It's great seeing Will be a friend to Layla, to Avery, and tell off Gunnar. Gunnar had it coming; Will was spot-on.


I enjoyed Avery and Will singing to Cady. Right before that, it looked like Avery had been sobbing. Guess I missed something - did he just sign the divorce papers or hear that Juliette had been wasted/destructive at Luke's party?

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Sooooo, after I happened to run across Clare Bowens Facebook post about why she cut her hair I feel pretty stupid. The gal has a huge heart. Quoting her here:

Wanna know why I cut it all off?

When I was four years old, I asked my mother; "Are there heaters in Heaven?"

I had just been diagnosed with end stage nephroblastoma, after several visits to a GP who denied anything was wrong and dubbed my parents "paranoid." I'd overheard the doctors telling my family that the only hope of saving me, was an experimental treatment that might kill me anyway. But without it I had maybe two weeks left. The hospital was cold. I'd never felt air conditioning before.

Life in the White Palace (Granddad’s nickname for hospital) meant I got to grow up surrounded by children just like me. We were mostly bald, all tubed, taped, bandaged up and stitched back together. We were all missing parts, some obvious like eyes or legs, others more hidden, like lungs and kidneys. Those who still could, tip-toed around like little fairies because chemotherapy had destroyed the muscles in our legs and it hurt to put our heels on the floor. But we were all together, so no one's appearance came into question. No one got laughed at or teased. We were all we knew.

And then I got really lucky. I survived, my hair grew back and I got strong again. I look relatively normal on the outside, but on the inside, I am still the same stitched back together little creature, in a world where people are judged so harshly for the way they look. It has always been completely incomprehensible to me. How can people think there's time for that?

I was really inspired when I heard a story about a little girl who said she couldn't be a princess because she didn't have long hair, and I wanted her, and others like her to know that's not what makes a princess, or a warrior, or a superhero. It's not what makes you beautiful either. It's your insides that count… even if you happen to be missing half of them.

Every scar tells a story, every baldhead, every dark circle, every prosthetic limb, and every reflection in a mirror that you might not recognize anymore. Look deeper than skin, hair, nails, and lips. You are who you are in your bones. That is where you have the potential to shine the brightest from. It is where your true beautiful self lives.

Thank you ABC network and particularly our creator, Callie Khouri for letting me change Scarlett's hair, and my team, family and friends for helping me make the decision. If it makes even one person think twice about judging another, then in some small way, the world is better.

Self-esteem takes a lot longer to grow back than hair.

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This thing with Jeff is so dumb. It's the same with Beverly. The show has killed off characters who were horrible people and is trying to pass it off like we should all be devastated. Jeff and Beverly were mean, nasty, spiteful jerks. I don't care at all that they are no more.



This- thank you. I wonder if the showrunners actually think the majority of fans really did care about them or they know that we know that these 'tragedies' are a joke and they are being ironic or something? Can't believe they spend so much time on these useless characters. Both the Beverly and Jeff sainthoods are laughable. And am so sick of Luke and his brand and his son and Layla, who seems to get to sing more than anyone else these days.


On other fronts, thought it was odd that Deacon is un self aware enough to think that Rayna would be overcome with joy at the 'surprise' he showed her? Like, covering her eyes before his big reveal cause this is so great? It's not like he bought her another lakehouse or something. Wow, Rayna, aren't you excited that I'm working at a bar and I am rechristening it as the Beverly in honor of my sister who was miserable and jealous of you and bitchy to you all the time?


It sure was cold, but still enjoyed Juliet dismissing and telling off  Layla- never grow tired of this. Will was great-- he totally and rightfully called out Gunnar and the WIll/Avery scenes were really good. The lullaby was sweet and the two sound good together. Maybe they'll make them a younger hipper (and hotter) version of Brooks and Dunn? Avery- great cry- now please stop crying and get a haircut. If Scarlett can, you can too.

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Deacon has been a Bachelor for so long, that, he'll need some training :-)

Could make for some good stories, though, or it should, we'll see!

In the preview for next week, I can see, where he'd have problems, facing a major crisis, with Maddie.

Rayna has been Mom since the day she was born. Deacon has only known about his Dadhood, for has it been a couple years? And it's only been months, that he's been in the residential Parent role.

When Teddy was "loose" he was the co-parent. Deacon didn't seem to be included in major Parent decisions.

Learning to co-parent, especially to a strong willed 16 year old isn't going to happen overnight! Hard enough, if you've been doing it, since day one. Add to that, the fact, the only Father role model he had, was a nightmare!

Again this is where they should be communicating. Rayna saying, "here's what I need from you", but, Deacon being able to say "OK but, I'm new at this, I don't want to mess up, that kid scares me to death, are you sure about that paternity test, maybe we should redo it!"

OK, that might not be his best line-he'll learn!

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How is it possible that they cut off Scarlett's obviously fake hair, & it still looks fake? 


I am so over Juliette's story line, I wish they would get rid of her character. There is nothing at all interesting about her anymore, it's just the same crap every week & I'm over it.

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Man, Scarlett does not have a middle ground. I thought a haircut meant losing a good  12-18" of her hair, not almost all of it! I mean, she looks cute with that short little pixie cut but damn, girl. I can't blame everyone for having strong reactions to it because it's a major change. I guess props for really committing to making a change? I'm glad that she was so unapologetic about it when the tour guy made a comment about it.


Awwwww, I love that Will didn't want Avery and the baby to move out. Will was great with both Gunnar and Avery this week. Although I'm glad that Gunnar and Scarlett are going on tour (only because I hope that means we'll get more duets from them), I am sad that we won't have the three guys having breakfast scenes every week anymore.


I loved that Will went to Layla to help take care of her. I also loved that Rayna got all Tami Taylor protective with her. Even Juliette had a moment of trying to be nice to Layla.


Poor Colt. He was freaking out all night about seeing Jeff fall off the roof while his dad was having sex with his employee.


Damn it, Gunnar. You missed out on having the Three Men and a Baby scene I'd been hoping for.


I know Scarlett has a lot of things to take care of before she goes on tour, but dude, you can turn your phone off for an hour to have dinner with your boyfriend.


Oh, Deacon. I'm glad he finally acknowledged why it was scary for Rayna to think of him being at a bar surrounded by alcohol. That's like someone who used to cut herself deciding to buy a knife shop. If Deacon is so insistent on being a co-owner and having the bar as a tribute to his sister (which I still think is a lame idea), that doesn't mean he has to be at the bar all the time micromanaging every little thing.

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Hella boring episode, terrible music. And now Juliette is gone possibly never to return. Yay!


I guess I'll have to make do with S/G singing duets but knowing this show I guess they'll give all that screentime to Layla singing about St. Fordham before boinking Avery.


Scarlett looked great, though, as usual.

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Takeaway from this episode: Seeing Luke in bed with anyone is gross.


Rayna had that look on her face when talking about the bar. The same one she had that whole year she was with Luke. And speaking of the ill fated couple, how disparate could their parenting styles be? Luke couldn't be bothered to even talk to his son, instead he just yelled at him. Colt (who has pretty eyes, btw) just saw a man, albeit an asshole, fall to his death while saving someone else. He needed someone to talk to him, not yell at him. Luke could have at least let him talk to Maddie. She'd have believed him. 


Jeff's sister didn't have to be such a bitch to Layla. Dude's dead. It's not like she wanted to do anything but properly grieve for him.


I also hated Scarlett's haircut at first, but by the end of the episode it was already growing on me. And Dr. Dull has a temper underneath that scholarly textbook exterior that comes out when he isn't getting enough attention. You don't need that crap, daughter of narcissistic St. Beverly.


Gunnar thinks with his peen.


Will is a great guy. 


Avery's heartache broke me. 


Edited to add: Bo!!! So good to see you. Glad you, at least, haven't abandoned Juliette.

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I think Scarlett's hair looks hideous.  I am not a fan of that scalped look on any lady.  I liked her long hair.


Rayna is totally over reacting about Deacon's new venture.  He played at The Bluebird for all of those years with no issues.  At least now the guy has something to devote his time to other than being almost Mr Rayna James.   He has said that he wants to develop the new place into a music venue.  


Juliette is a witch right up until the attempt to rehab her.  Her treatment of Layla was horrible.  I hope to heaven Layla finds out the truth and outs Juliette's involvement.


I am glad that Avery was finally shown breaking down. The guy has been through a lot.  I was happy to see him and Will bonding.  Their connection has always been Gunnar, but now they can be friends too.


And poor Gunnar.  That skanky sound woman is jerking him around.  And now she is going on tour with them?  That is not going to end well.

Jeff's sister is just your standard contrived drama. Nobody, virtually nobody, would be that much of a scumbag to a broken girl who's just had to face the death of her lover.

But the sister claimed Jeff had never mentioned Layla, so the sister did not know anything about her.  As far as the sister knew, Layla was some random hook up who had no business being there.

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Yeah, and that's unbelievable as well. Not that it matters. If there's some completely broken up girl sitting in your dead brother's room, maybe you ought to try to find out what's up with that, before you end up pissing all over his memory.

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Side note, there really wasn't a single good song in this episode. That's the only reason I watch.

Do you ever have anything positive to say about the show?

As far as Jeff's sister goes, while I don't think she had to be so melodramatically bitchy, one can understand her hesitation given that Jeff was a known (in appearances only, I guess) wealthy womanizer and here's this girl he's never mentioned trying to insert herself.

That said, she could've heard her out for 30 seconds and at least invited her to the funeral. It wouldn't be too hard to prove that Layla wasn't some random one night stand. At the very least, she was on paper as his client.

Also, can I ship Avery and Will in a completely bromantic way? They're killing me.

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This show is horrific for a young woman's sense of her prospects in life. I am only a few years older than Juliette and Layla and this show makes them either be shit or be shat upon. Such a bummer but at least they ended it with growth on both their parts. Annoying though that insufferable Scarlett gets to be the writers' pet.


At least Will & Layla are allowed to be friends. That's a really nice development.


Luke's son is played by a good actor (and he looks exactly like a real-life premade teen Sim). He handled that Jeff announcement scene (and subsequent outbursts) better than the Luke actor.

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