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S02.E19: Fire And Ice

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She was! This was aftter the Summer of Betrayal, but it also included one of the last moments of Dylan being correct/funny, when he says to Brenda "I can't believe they're talking abou their sex lives on television!" Like, seriously, Dylan. Word.



Oh yeah I remember. Poor David. Subjected by your girlfriend telling the world that she doesn't want to sleep with you to Rosie O'Donnell. Eeesh not the best feeling for a teenage guy.

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You don't "try out" for the Olympics. It's not A Chorus Line. Do 15 minutes of research, 90210 writers!

And, yes, most aspiring figure skaters would already be on the ice, and likely noticed for at least some talent, by five or six, but if you're in some dinky regional competition and doing single jumps in high school, you are most certainly NOT Olympics-bound. Honestly, if at 16-17, which I assume we're expected to believe she is here, you haven't already broken into at least the bottom of the senior USA ranks, or are competing at the very top of the juniors, you're already out of the race. Most Olympic singles skaters are in their late teens or early to mid-20s. That's your prime; skating has a slightly longer timeline than gymnastics, but not by much.

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Yeah....I'm pretty sure figure skaters will go to major coaches instead of the coach going to them. Coaches will sometimes have a couple of skaters. 


Brandon should've gotten Pepe and Manuel to make him a burrito. 



I don't know a ton about figure skating, though apparently that's 300% more than 90210, but I do know Olympic sports. ALL figure skating coaches have more than one athlete to survive and, yes, you go to them. It's a pretty small group of well-known coaches, and athletes from all over the world train with just about a dozen coaches worldwide. They usually have a relationship with a particular rink, and are based out of that one; occasionally are poached by a nicer rink elsewhere and take their athletes with them. I do know it's a REALLY small world. Watch the Olympics and you'll see the same coaches sitting in kiss and cry with 4-6 different skaters in the field, from all different countries, because they all train together day to day. Usually it's the little kids doing lessons, with parents paying through the nose, that are subsidizing the ice time/intense coaching the top athletes are getting, because figure skating is crazy expensive, and can bankrupt even fairly wealthy families pretty damn fast.

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On 11/3/2015 at 12:34 AM, helent said:

I hate this trope so much. 'Hey you! Professional athlete! Don't you know you're a girl and you play a girly sport? How dare you imagine that your hours of weekly training make you a challenge to my innate masculine ability.' 


Yeah, I hate that trope as well. When the Olympics are on there's always, always A Guy who loudly opines that judged sports like figure skating or gymnastics aren't "real" sports, because those are two of the most popular Olympic sports where the women shine as much if not more than the men. I like shutting them up by saying fine, then let's eliminate boxing as well as any kind of refereed sport.

And she did beat him--and she took the outside track, so she skated more than he did. 

Uh, the US Nationals are called just that, not "the finals." And I think the commentator misidentified one of her jumps--it did not look like a double axel.

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On 11/5/2015 at 9:14 AM, Tooch said:

 I think they make it a point to show he doesn't have sex with Emily 

Why must you remind me?

Emily *robotic voice, dead eyes*: That's why I wanted my first time to be with you.

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