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A Note About Ignoring People

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Guys let's talk about the ignore feature. If there are posts here (besides mine of course!) that you don't want to see please familiarize yourself with the ignore feature. Here's how it works!

1.Go to the top of your screen and click on the down arrow next to your user name.


2.Click on "Ignored Users".


3.Type in the annoying person's name.


5.Select your preferences; Ignore Posts, Messages or Signature (if you leave them unchecked it will automatically ignore all three)


6.Click "Add User" and you will see a list of users you are currently ignoring.

6.Return to the forum and have fun.

Now, if someone else quotes the annoying person, you'll still see that. Also, you can't ignore the mods. And we can't ignore you. But otherwise, you should be good to go.
If you see something that you REALLY think needs reporting please do so. We are here to make this experience a mostly pleasant one and we hope that you can afford us the same courtesy. 


-Your Mods

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