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S02.E03: The Myth Of Sisyphus

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By and large, yes - I think they've done a good job! Luverne's Main Street is a little bit smaller and certainly less busy than what's been on the show, but the look is pretty good. Here's a photo of Luverne's Main Street now - during the annual Buffalo Days vintage car drive-in - to give you some context (it didn't look meaningfully different in the late 70s).


The main things that have looked off to me are:

  • The Solverson's house: there is nothing even close to that style, then or now


I wondered about that.  It's traditional 70's on the inside, but the exterior looks like something that would have been considered ultra-modern in the 70's. 


Popped in to see if you all knew what that was poking up out of the asphalt -- Skip's tie!  That's been bugging me.


Still trying to figure out what the deal was between Skip and Rye, and Skip and the court case.  Did Rye actually use some of the money he was collecting for the family to buy into Skip's Selectric business?   He didn't seem the type to want to go legit, like Sonny Corleone.  And did Skip really owe money for taxes, like he told Lou and Ben?  I guess it would be property or business taxes, since the judge was municipal court, not federal. 


Also curious about why the judge from Fargo was at the Waffle Hut near Luverne. 


As for Peggy being dead inside, I think she's just super focused and determined.  She's putting herself first, but she's convinced herself that she's doing it for both of them. 

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On 10/27/2015 at 1:45 PM, SteveAC10 said:

I'm still trying to sort out one puzzling issue. Luverne had a public transit system in 1979? I'm not buying it. Even now they have only some kind of reserve a ride system geared toward seniors that runs during the day - and I'm sure a town of that size (under 5000) did not have scheduled bus routes in 1979.

I love that bus though. The transit system I used to take to work had one bus of the exact same model and every once and awhile it would be on my route (I read an article about how often they will roll it out on someone's last shift before retirement). Which is crazy they still have it since I live even further north than Luverne.

On 10/27/2015 at 4:45 PM, BananaRama said:

Lou Solverson is very brave. He had guns pointed at him twice in one day and then he comes home and hangs out with his family and is all "eh, whatevs". I know that we know that he makes it out of this alive but HE doesn't know that.

Did season 1 actually confirm that Molly's mom died of cancer? I keep wondering because she keeps getting involved in the case and just because she had cancer in 1979 doesn't necessarily mean that that is what killed her. 

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