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Veterinary and Animal Rescue Shows

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A new season of THE SUPERVET will begin airing Thursday at 8PM on Channel 4 UK

The article didn't specify the start date so I am assuming it's this Thursday, May 27.  The first episode of the season covers Noel's dog, Kiera, and her accident and recovery.

I use to see episodes airing on Animal Planet but not recently so I'm assuming the show lacked the US audience to sustain it.  Too bad.

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Nat Geo Wild ran the first episode of a new series, The Hatcher Family Dairy, last weekend. It's in Tennessee. A dairy farm that's been owned and operated by the Hatcher family for a few generations.

Currently operated by two siblings in their 30's I think. The brother runs the dairy; his sister is a veterinarian with a clinic on site. She of course takes care of their own animals and also has patients from the area. Apparently their dad was also a vet, and has retired. The mom has come out of retirement to work with her daughter as a vet tech which she apparently did for years when her husband was the vet. Oh, and the son's wife handles the office/online/business stuff for the farm.

I wanted to like this show - but didn't make it all the way through. I disliked the sister/vet - and she was on camera a lot. I found her voice unpleasant in tone and accent. I also thought good old mom was annoying AF. She was trying to be cute for the cameras, and IMO failing. Then there was a scene where the vet and her mom were in a car driving somewhere; I just couldn't take a protracted scene with both of them yakking and changed the channel. 

I just couldn't warm up to the family at all, and I'm usually an easy sell when it comes to veterinarian shows. 

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I saw an ad for a new Cesar Millan 10 episode series, BETTER HUMAN, BETTER DOG, premiering Friday July 30th.

The article includes a a list of the episodes and descriptions.


Episode 01 : Fit for Service
Episode 02 : One Brick at a Time
Episode 03 : Canine Quarantine
Episode 04 : Front of the Pack
Episode 05 : Pack Attack
Episode 06 : Blind Faith
Episode 07 : Twin Trouble
Episode 08 : Dogs v Cats
Episode 09 : Tail End of Trauma
Episode 10 : Hijacked Pack

I've watched some episodes of his previous series and found Cesar's explanations to the owners during the sessions informative.

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So last night I watched a couple of episodes of Vets on the Beach on Nat Geo Wild. 

Meh. I was not. impressed. Or entertained.

Well, okay. I did pass a lot of the time watching the female vets and trying to decide which cosmetic surgery procedures they've had done on their faces, and what kind of injectables they used to plump up their lips. 

I think I've been spoiled by vet shows like Pol's, and Dr. Jeff's, the Critter Fixers, and Dr. Oakley's. Each episode presents a variety of cases and keeps up a good pace of showing how the vets handle each case. This show just draaggs ouuuttt a very few not very serious cases, with a serious overload of the vets talking to the cameras in their most fetching manners to DRAHmatize the situation. "We have to help this dog deliver her puppies or she could die!!" "Ooh this cat has an ABCESS and INFECTION which could go all under his skin and go septic and kill him!!!"

Yeah. The dog in question was a gorgeous golden retriever who got some help by the vets pulling out the last few pups after she'd already delivered maybe 8, and yes one of the pups was stillborn. But as these cases go it was nothing that hasn't been shown dozens of times before on these shows.

And I swear, I probably snorted out loud over that cat's abscess. Yes, the cat did have a puncture wound with an abscess. But it wasn't very big and the camera had to really zoom in close to see the pus. I mean, come ON. We've seen serious pus-spouting BIG abscesses on cats on Pol's show alone. This little guy was lucky he was treated before the infection got worse. On the other vet shows he might have had a minute or two of the episode. But his oh-so-handsome owner is the brother-in-law of the oh-so-cute woman veterinarian so we got minutes and minutes and minutes of that cat. And his owner.

The only interesting cases were the lion at the zoo, and the poor little dog (some kind of miniature terrier breed) who had a tube of SuperGlue stuck on her side. The ER vet had to figure out how to get it off, and the dog was hurting and viciously snapping at everybody. It could have been a good few minutes of footage if properly edited. But oh no, it had to be d-r-a-g-g-e-d o-u-t forever. 

And with dragging these cases out to fill up the show minutes, IMO it makes the vets look fairly incompetent. It's one thing to show the vet being presented with an out of the ordinary case and figuring out the diagnosis and treatment plan. But these folks were just going ON and ON about "oh gosh, what are we going to do with this?" and "oh gosh this animal needs treatment/help or it could DIEEEEE!" when presented with just plain old straightforward cases. A small growth on a dog's eye that could be (and was) malignant. A dog needing help birthing some pups (but not needing a C section). The cat with an infected wound.

The vets are all Hollywood-level good looking and certainly don't seem overworked and I love the shots of Bondi Beach.

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Dr. Jeff was hard to watch tonight. Neglected animals that they fixed up and found new homes. That cat with the too small collar was so bad. People are so damn ignorant.

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If anyone wants to know the Cesar Millan issues, from his recent past, there are two: 


However, an earlier case wasn't really involving him at all.  They just go after the big pockets person.  And the earlier one wasn't really involving him, he just let someone use some of the training facilities. 


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I read those articles and didn’t see that it involved someone else using the facilities.  If it’s the Rehabilitation Center and Cesar owns and operates it, I’d think he would be responsible if a dog isn’t supervised, escapes or is released too early.  It doesn’t address the details of the defense. I hope the allegations aren’t true, as I am a Cesar fan.  I miss watching the show.  

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Did anyone watch the new show about the guy who runs Asher House? It came on Saturday on Animal Planet following Dr. Jeff. He's moved from just rescuing dogs to adding farm animals now that he's got the big property. 

He came off as a bit awkward in trying to keep an hour-long show going. His personality which works well on the 2 to 3-minute Instagram reels, wasn't as compelling and other than the woman who works with him, they didn't really have other people that were part of the show. It's just him and the animals. I'm interested to see how this works out in the long run once he (and the animals) gets used to being followed by a full crew every day.

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Watching  Pets and Pickers on Animal Planet. People donate items and pickers buy them. Money raised is for people who can't afford expensive procedures. Good idea.

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