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5 hours ago, nikma said:

And? Quality of the books began to decline greatly after ASOS. That happens in a lot of shows and books and movies. This doesn't mean D&D wanted that. 



'And' what? I doubt D&D wanted their show to decline in quality but that's what happened.

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Just saw this 'wonderful' story about a hoax involving Nikolaj Coster-Waldau.



The Game of Thrones star was involved in a bizarre hoax where several Danish news outlets reported that he died. Oops! “Fake news, we hear about it all the time,” Coster-Waldau said on Instagram. “In Denmark, apparently there’s a story that’s been floating around various websites, and it looked like a news story, and the news was that I had died. You click on the story and then go to some place where you can buy some sh*t.” It’s unclear what the “some sh*t” you could buy was, but you know what Jaime could have used more of? Common sense for not staying with Brienne. Anyway!

Coster-Waldau, who was concerned that his wife or daughters would see the fake report before he could tell them that he was “fine,” left a message for those behind the hoax: “To you who did this, I know you don’t care, but f*ck you.”



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Last night Trevor Noah asked where the next book is, since Martin should be sitting inside with nothing else to do like the rest of us.  I checked the not a blog, and apparently he's finding a lot of other things to do, even though he claims he is still writing.

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