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Anyone else watch the occasional shows on children who don't age?  I'm watching Girls Who Don't Age, and Dr. Richard Walker is having their genes tested to find the mutation.
What confuses me is that he did earlier tests that also included the 40-Year Old Child, from Australia, and they found some mutation, but he must be looking for something else in the girls.

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So I was home this morning instead of out wandering tulip gardens in the lovely spring weather as planned (muscle spasm in my back, #&@(#&!). And I caught an old British show,  OCH Hospital, on Discovery Life. Wow. An hour of serious OCD in action was a downer, but IMO the show was done well.

The show focused on the OCD treatment of some patients as hospital inpatients. One of them made great progress, while another was discharged without improvement. There were also some OCD patients who were living at home. I felt so sorry for all of them, and their families.

I'm torn between feeling that I just watched human suffering as entertainment, and that I gained some understanding and empathy for a mental illness. Hmm.

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I watch that a few years back.  I have a great-nephew who's OCD, but nowhere near that level, but it is scary to see what some people have to live with.
I watched at show the other day on Prader-Willi (something about Killer Appetite?), and it was beyond just padlocking the fridge.
There was mental and /or behvavioral disabilty that goes with it, and the people will never be able to live by themselves.

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