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S11.E19: Crescent City, Part 2

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I like the premise of a spin-off in New Orleans and like most of the cast (musician/ lab tech needs some improvement) but I hated the outcome of the case.


If the father was indeed the killer before the son became his copycat (and based on the age of the crimes, that makes more sense to me), why didn't the father kill McGee once Tim was unconscious.  (Tim's my favorite - I definitely don't want him to die. I'd much rather Bishop be there and get killed off so someone more likeable and realistic could join the team.)  Since the son had the warning from the father, why didn't he drive out of town to perform his next killing (or go on the run or lawyer up).  The episodes this season have just seemed sloppy.  I did like the voodoo doll gifted to Tony.

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The outcome of the case was abrupt and perfunctory because, I think, it was just a construct on which to bring Gibbs to New Orleans and display the backdoor pilot.

Once again, the writers hammered every NOLA cliche they could find. Jazz music everywhere, even a keyboard in the lab? Check. Food porn? Check. Old cemetery of mausoleums? Check. Obligatory references to Katrina? Check. Endless paeans to the soulfulness and specialness of the city, its citizens, its history, its architecture, its food, its NOLA-ness? Check.

If the series gets picked up, I hope they stop using the location as the show's raison d'être and focus more on narrative and plot. The characters are fine. I like the interaction between LaSalle and Brody. CCH Pounder's medical examiner is wonderful, but I suspect much of that is due to Pounder's wonderfulness. I'm glad to see her in a role now that Warehouse 13 is ending.

Bishop continues to be annoying, even when her screen time is minimal. Scene: Bishop and Brody side-by-side essentially doing the same thing. Who comes up with the info first? Why, it's Bishop, of course! The character is annoying even when she's off-screen. When did she find time to shop for a custom Tony voodoo doll? The voodoo doll stuff was another indication that the writers can't resist making Tony look like a fool. It's the well they return to time after time. This time, they made McGee an idiot too, going off alone to the perp's house and turning his back.

If NCIS: NOLA gets picked up, I'll give it a try. At the very least, it doesn't have Bishop. But let's see a lot less of the "Brother" stuff, the exaggerated drawls, and the magic NOLA pixie dust.

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Liked the episode, but still can't warm to Brody at all. I think I would like the character better with a different actress.

Tvline reported lower ratings (by NCIS standards, I guess) for last night, so I'm hoping that doesn't deter for a season pick up for NOLA

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Liked the episode, but still can't warm to Brody at all. I think I would like the character better with a different actress.

I'm having that problem with LaSalle as the actor seems so forced and unnatural to me. 

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I can't add much to what's already been said.  I do like Bakula, but his fake accent (which comes and goes) needs to go (permanently). 

I like New Orleans, but I don't like it shoved down my throat.

And what was with the "special" gun that was in a box and had it's own name?  But then he goes back to using the 9mm in a later scene?

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Liked the Lego buildings. And that Brody wanted her own.

Tony's Voodoo doll was funny. He has a head ache and sees a needle in the doll. McVoodoo was funny. Liked Tony giving little Tony the Gibbs slap.

The kid that talked to Brody was a little to "Smart".

So MacLane was bribed. Surprised the father hit Tim, then went in and ODed. Just go in bathroom and OD?

Figured the Privileged Killer was still around. Didn't think it was Joseph Hamlin, but did suspect his son Spencer. Pretty bad that after LaSalle and Brody talk to him in the bar Spencer takes a girl to the cemetery and they find him? If they are on to you wouldn't you lay low??

Was hoping it wasn't Felix Betts, like it was pointing at one time.

Nice to see Felix Betts(Stuart Margolin) who played on The Rockford Files, way back when.

Thought the NOLA team worked well together.Lab tech Wendell Hobbs was ok

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