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S04.E10: A Big Splash

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Kim and the gang visit Slade's family lake house for the weekend. While there, they meet Slade's mother and take in some swimming, boating and tubing, yet dramas flare when Brielle and Slade are forced to contemplate their future together.

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I think Slade and Brielle genuinely like each other, as high schoolers do. While Brielle might not date a boy who had no extra cash, I don't believe she is with Slade just because he's rich. It's probably a point of commonality, and rich kids generally tend to date other rich kids. Slade's also very nice looking, which is often the most important quality to 18 year old girls.

And anyway, they broke up this week.

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While the reality is that Slade and Brielle would likely not make it if she's in LA and he's in Atlanta, way to rain on their parade, Kim.  I don't think you basically have to tell them that they will never survive being apart.  It's harsh and not only that, it's one way to make sure that Brielle doesn't follow her dreams and/or stays in Atlanta (because 18 year olds generally would think like that versus putting themselves and their education/careers first.) 


I don't think Brielle is very smart but that's all Kim.  Kim has never encouraged her to be smart or stressed education that we can tell.  She hasn't make Brielle responsible for anything.  What she said last night about now that Brielle is 18 and should start being responsible or whatever . . . well, it's a little late, Kim.  Not saying that Brielle can't do it but she's had everything handed to her.  She's also been brought up by someone who was kept by a married man and values material possessions and name drops like her life depends on it.  Not exactly the best example for being independent and providing for herself.


I like Slade.  He may not be the sharpest tool in the shed but he seems like a genuinely nice kid and he's very respectful, at least on the show. 

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While I agree with Kim's notion that Brielle should worry about Brielle and if Slade isn't part of her plan of greatness then he should hit the curb, it's not like Kim has raised Brielle to value anything in life except her looks and what doors her mom or Kroy can open for her. She's not Arianna who has good grades to fall back on. Realistically, Slade is the best thing Brielle has going for her. She needs to stick by her man and convince him to get through college so he can fall back on the family business. Nothing wrong with that. She doesn't have the drive to make it in show biz, she doesn't have the grades or determination to make it through school, might as well aim for Slade to be the breadwinner and live life accordingly. 

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I had friends in high school who goofed off and seemed ditzy yet somehow grew up and found good jobs and supported themselves. Brielle is young and still capable of learning. I think it's way too early for her to be written off as a girl who can only survive by being supported by a wealthy man. What evidence is there that Slade would stick by her through 4 years of college anyway?

Kim's got the right idea. At 18 Brielle should go for her dreams and not think that marriage is her only option.

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Best episode of this crappy show probably because I didn't see dog shit or talks about animal genitalia. Brielle is a beautiful young girl, her whole life ahead of her, with an NFL player as a father and a somewhat famous mom, I don't worry about her future. Even if she goofs off she will always have someone to fall back on unlike many other people in the world that don't have families that love them or care for them and work crappy jobs 9 to 5 just to survive. I don't think she will ever end up like that.


That is one beautiful lake house, what a life to be able to live there during summers, it truly is like paradise, so peaceful and close to nature.

Slade seems like a nice guy, his future wife is one lucky girl.

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I just saw the rerun of this and what struck me, besides the fact that that is one gorgeous house on the lake,  is Kim's heart to heart with Slade's mother.  How ironic that she was complimenting Slade on how polite he is and respectful of his parents he is  and what a great relationship he has with his parents and how she wants that for herself and her kids.  And yet she has cut off her own parents AND Kroy's parents.  That's the example she's setting for her children, if your in laws or your parents piss you off don't speak to them or allow them in your life.  I feel really, really sorry for Kroy's parents because they obviously did a lot of things right with Kroy who by what I can see is an attentive, loving father and a good husband.  They could probably add a lot to their grandkid's lives.  Kim's my way or the highway attitude is super selfish and is depriving her kids of their grandparents. 


I understand to a certain degree where Kim is coming from with Kroy's parents.  My mother in law disliked me from day one because I was not of her culture and she made no bones about it.  She was very outspoken and judgmental and I was (am) insecure and don't take criticism well so there was a lot of friction to say the least.  She loved my daughter OTOH and was sweet and loving to her and lavished care and love on her son, my husband.    Then she got a terrible cancer and died quickly.  I'm so glad I never tried to cut her off or ban her from my home.  In fact I  regret every rude thing I ever said to her and wish I had been a better more understanding daughter in law to her because she was my husband's mother and my child's grandmother, two people I love more than life.  Point being, I think if Kim doesn't reconcile with her parents and Kroy's parents she's going to regret it because she's not only hurting them she's hurting her husband and her children and ultimately herself.

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