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S02.E13: Halloween

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If I had gotten raisins at every house when I was a kid, I may have been upset.  But, I liked raisins, so I didn't mind if a small box or two ended up in my pumpkin.

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On 10/13/2015 at 10:40 PM, FozzyBear said:

I will give raisins a pass as long as I never have to taste the vile wretchedness that is carob. Taste like chocolate my ass! If I had no other reason to hate hippies (and I have many) carob would be enough. God damn carob eating hippies.

Holy crap, I am old enough to remember the vile poisonous wannabe swill that is carob. My stepmother (at the time something of a hippie and I love that she introduced whole wheat bread to me but...) tried to sell my brothers and me on carob and it was GROSSSSSSSSSSSSS. So, so, so disgusting. So flavorless, so awful, so completely inadequate in every way as a substitute to chocolate. The mental scars remain.

On 10/17/2015 at 7:58 PM, swimmyfish said:

For some strange reason, what I remember most about this episode is Brenda's "DYLAN! I need you!" I really liked them as a couple and, after all the sound and fury of their breakup, I thought it was a very nice, subtle demonstration of their relationship being back on track.

For a LOT of this episode I was thinking "okay, this isn't very well written or shot." Too many stock shots of the party crowd, too many cuts back to Donna and the lame "Spring dress retread" (at least they lamp-shaded it with Steve), SO much filler. This ALL changed when Donna and Brenda walked in on the attempted rape--Brenda running to the door and bellowing "DYLAN, I NEED YOU" and Dylan showing up seconds later was my everything. I just fucking loved that--Brenda, instantly sizing up the situation and deploying her attack dog. Fantastic. And then Steve with his throwaway "How dare you hurt her, I LOVE that girl!" with the coup de grace punch later on. I like seeing consistent and nuanced character writing and as annoying as the Steve/Kelly bickerfest can be, that reaction of Steve's was golden. These two love each other.

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