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On 12/26/2020 at 9:53 AM, Spazamanaz said:

So they were filming for a special and just included the home security footage showing the moment his family members rushed outside the house to seek help from Joey Faugno, Buddy's brother-in-law and a licensed EMT and firefighter.

And your right redheaded, it is in poor taste, at this time with covid. Especially all of the photos of him with that 'oh poor me' look on his face. I'm sorry the accident happened, he is extremely lucky because it could have been so much worse, but I don't think we need to see all of those photos of Buddy healing at home. Enough already. And all videos, 'specials', photos he takes, are self indulgent and just stroking his ego. 

I kinda thought the same.  It's one thing to let the public people know about the accident/recovery process.  That is what the morning network news programs are for. It's another where at the  end the special by baking a monster cake and constantly stating about bringing dollars in for the 3 businesses/revenue streams. I remember him saying something about taking funds from one business to pay for bills in another..... well what about the small business who only have the 1 line of business trying to figure out what to do ?

 Buddy did seem like highlighting his injury was a way to get back on the air and to let viewing people know - "Hey we still do cakes that feed 1000+ people and will take to NYC " - which is his revenue maker. What about giving a simple coffee and muffin to the local EMTs/hospital/etc ?

His monster cakes is one of the reasons I stopped following the show closely. It seems to be a waste of food. I think people eating habits have changed in the recent years.  And I don't want a cake that is built on top of materials from Home Depot/Lowes.  The crew will pull out plywood and pvc pipe in a minute.

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Yes, I'm sick of the Rice Krispy treats based cakes, with only a little that's cake.    Also, I don't understand why everyone on this show is screaming all of the time.    

My suspicion is that with Discovery+ there will be a lot more of the progress of his comeback and I'm hoping the rest are on the streaming service, because I'm not watching them. .  

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I agree. His cakes aren't cakes, they are mainly wood and rice Krispy treats covered in fondant. He should think about going into the wood working business. And all of his cakes are massive, it's like he thinks the bigger the better. 

Buddys cakes are all the same, he has a certain style and does not stray from it. He even sticks donuts and exclairs on a cake for decoration. 

I'll take Duff Goldmans cakes over Buddys cakes any day. 

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