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Halloween Baking Championship

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What an excellent season! Of all the baking challenge shows, I think this one has found the best combination of host, judges, themes, and contestants, and of course the behind-the-scenes crew that does all of the amazing costumes, makeup, and decor. I already can't wait for next year! 

It was pretty funny that Stephanie's makeup didn't go all the way down to her very sassy decolletage. Getting that low, the makeup crew were probably like, "Uh, you're going to have to finish this yourself so we don't get sued."

I thought Lauren would be the one to be eliminated after the first round, but I'm glad they all got to go through. Her final cake was my favorite. Those masks were gorgeous, though I agree that I wish she'd had a bit more time to zhuzh them up with feathers, etc.

Bring on the holiday baking championship! And the complaints about the bakes not being holiday enough! It's tradition!

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I was rooting for Zac, but I would have been fine with any of the final four. Could never really connect with Blayre’s personality, but her final cake was gorgeous. 

I, too, was confused by Zac’s comments about antiques. He seems to be under the impression that when you hit a certain age you automatically start acquiring them? 🤔 

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