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S02.E01: 201

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I just go access of Showtime after cancelling it and this show plus Shameless are the two shows I am most interested in get caught up on.

I love how the show had both Noah and Helsn she the mediation in completely different light. Even The clothing for both were different, Noah saw it as a give an take with him almost showing up Helen and his big profit he was going to make off his book that we already saw was being basically wait listed. I did think it was telling that he constantly saw himself as put upon by his motherinlaw who hated him, his kids who hated him and his ex wife who for no reason called him selfish.

While Helen saw the mediation as her being ganged up on by a guy who didn't know what he wanted.

I thought the end was telling as well for Noah it was clear skies ahead but he left Helen to lock up the peices he left in the storm.

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Just starting the season now, need to clear the DVR. :) Don't know why I waited so long after watching this one, I realize how much I missed it.


A few things struck me about this episode. Thought Noah's view was the far more accurate one. The tell for me immediately at mediation in her version, the mediator sat next to him and it appeared like they were on the same side and she was nice and reasonable. A mediator would sit in the middle of the parties, not next to one or the other, to make sure they are impartial. Also, in her version the description was so much more like she was attending a counseling session and not a mediation for divorce to divide assets.


Thought the gossipy moms at dance were great and a reflection of Helen. The mom who tracked her down to ask if she knew was almost exactly what Helen said last season about Noah. Not about just being curious, but when Helen asked if she was worried about her husband, she dismissed it and said something like " Oh, please, like we don't know I'm not the best thing that ever happened to him." Exactly like something Helen would have said about Noah and almost exactly what she said last season.


Also thought in her version, the son being upset and seeing the picture missing from the bedroom wall, helped to show that her version was more flawed than his as she didn't even account for how that happened and it occurred before mediation.

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Some thoughts:

Why the Solloway kids suck:  They seem to be the product of mom's overindulgence and dad's silence in the matter.  I suspect Noah watched from the sidelines while Helen ruined Whitney and Martin, etc. Cuckolded by his father-in-law's money, Noah felt he had no right to an opinion as his kids were being spoiled right under his nose. 

Why is the mother living with Helen now?   She is the worst.   And why do some older women seem to go out of their way to make themselves look like plucked chickens?

Max may have been fucking Helen, but it's Noah he was really screwing.

Congratulations, Alison, you made it out of Montauk and became a Stepford wife.  "How was your day?"   "Do you want to talk about it?"  "I walked to the village.  It was cute."

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