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S11.E20: Jeff Davis 4

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Needless to say I am looking forward to this one!


Call me Jeff Davis! ;)


EDITED with my thoughts:


I thought Let's Make a Date went on too long. Still not a fan of Aisha jumping into games.


I think Ryan is over Greatest Hits. He is always contradicting Colin!


Jeff and Wayne duets are magical. They always make it work. I'm starting to believe that there's no one Wayne can't impersonate.

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I agree with you about Aisha. Here she was actually invited into the game (by Colin), but I wish it wouldn't happen.


Still, I thought this was a great one. I loved when Wayne was wrestling with Colin, but Colin just stood there. "Interesting choices, but no." Oh, and I loved Jeff's comment about his name, Vivacaca: "Because my parents had a speech impediment."


I LOVE Sound Effects when they use audience members. This one was really good. Of course it's funniest when the volunteers make bad sounds, but it cracked me up when Ryan threw his wife, and she said, "Hey! What the hell!"


I loved the movie they used for Film Dub. Like Ryan, I kinda want to see it. However, it got a little confusing with so many characters in it.


Scenes From a Hat was good, too. Loved Jeff using the urinal to wash his face and shave, and then Ryan having everyone bop up and down to music was a funny visual.


Greatest Hits was fun. Pavarotti and Lil Wayne were great.

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Intros: Wayne- Fast and furious, Jeff- Clean and tidy, Colin- Slowly and surely, Ryan- Silent but deadly.

Games: Let's Make a Date, Sound Effects, Film Dub, Scenes From a Hat, Greatest Hits.


I enjoyed the show a lot! Jeff is great fun. He and Wayne are reliably gold in Greatest Hits. I also loved that two games we haven't seen in awhile got to be played- Film Dub and Sound Effects! Melanie and Micki were great fun. They weren't always the most successful but they were mostly on it when it came to adding in the sounds. Plus, the previously mentioned protesting wives' voices were gold!


See, Show? Get some public domain European/Asian/somewhere else films with insane, out-of-context scenes, add the cast and voila! A fun game. "Ex- FOLLLLL-i-A-TION!!" will never not be funny. "I'd like to order some American food" was delightfully Jeff Davis-y.


I think the best partner for Wayne is Jeff Davis, as far as Greatest Hits. Both are pretty versatile and both tend to bring everything  when they play. "KELP!" is still a highlight for me. "Way Too Many Hills" was very good, but no "Kelp!" to me, which isn't a slam.  For "Escape From the Rock", I was almost expecting them to just do gibberish for a moment, but they pulled it together and stuck a landing.


My favorite moments were Ryan's chimp and Wayne and Jeff's first urinal bit. The voices were funny!


This should stand up to multiple watches.

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Does anyone know if there are more episodes? This didn't feel like a season ender, as much as a format like this can "feel" like a season finale.  If the show is doing well, then four fewer episodes than last season seems weird. Are they being saved for winter break?

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I read on Reddit that this was the "fall season finale." There are apparently at least 5 more guests that taped so I think they are taking a break until next year and will air those in late Jan./Feb.


Also read over there that season 12 taping will be in two parts: January and April. Where do you live Actionmage? You should go to a taping! (I live on the east coast, so no go for me).

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I live in Texas, but Mr. A, who enjoys the show too, might be persuaded to think about travelling to a taping. (He prefers to stay home, primarily.) Thanks for the info!

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