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S01.E05: Cobalt

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I mentioned Moyers was fragged in my initial post on the ep thread (which is this one I guess...) and a follow up post.  I am crushed, CRUSHED I SAY, you didn't read it.


However, because we didn't see him die onscreen (we didn't see a damned thing on screen except for a sweating Travis hyperventilating in the back of the army truck) --and the EPs have mentioned this, I think-- there is every possibility he'll pop up in the unlikeliest place next season (in the galley of Strand's super yacht mixing martinis!  HEY-O!).

Don't feel bad. After a few days I rarely remember my own posts, much less anybody else's.

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Still that doesn't make any sense at all. It's probably not the best way to keep soldiers "occupied" by risking their lives storming in every building full of walkers. That unit would fall apart in no time in reality, because getting everybody killed for no reason at all in an extremly dumb way is not that good for moral too.


They know they are going to evacuate soon, but still they go on "suicide missions" that rescue nobody and help to accomplish nothing, I mean why not kill themselves right away once and for all? Dumbest military ever in that show.


The way they stormed in seemed so silly. They've obviously cleared buildings before so why would they rushing in recklessly like that?  Getting ambushed two seconds after such a dumb approach was a foregone conclusion. Lazy writing.

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On the plus side, I'm pretty sure Travis jogging and the kids trashing the neighbors' house were deliberate Zombieland references.


I remember people wondering how in the world there's always a bunch of random paper / piles of junk lying around deserted places in other zombie movies / shows. It's because no matter where you go, there's always some idiot who decides to trash the place for kicks, that's how.


I do like the show's emphasis on how destructive people are. It's not the zombies that cause the bulk of the property damage. The zombies are just kind of there. Chilling in donut shops and whatnot.


Still hoping the zombies will get them all and we can start over with a new cast. Even the characters who are not actively annoying the hell out of me are too bleh for me to get sad at all if they get killed off. But I guess it's just as well. The mothership can be too upsetting at times when they kill off people I liked. With this show I'm totally relaxed. When what's-her-name died this episode, I was like: "Hmm. Okay then."

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