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S13.E03: Saturday

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I don't know -- I think "Worst Dancer" belongs to Ainsley.  His posture and footwork were both horrendous, with his shoulders hunched forward and located up somewhere around his ears and his foot placement, which was all over the dance floor and lacked anything even approaching sharpness.


I am beyond pleased to see that both Tristan and Anton have contenders for once.  A Tristan/Anton final would be fantastic because I've wondered for years what kind of Showdance these gentlemen could put together for the right partner (you know, one who can actually dance!).

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I'm right with you on the Tristan/Anton final, although I think both Jamelle and Katie have some work to do. Jamelle's waltz was generally lovely, but she did seem to get lost a bit in the middle. Katie's jive was all sorts of fun, but she danced it a bit small for me; I want a bit more action on those kicks and flicks.


I shall be upfront and proclaim my undying love for Ainsley, but even factoring in my natural prejudice, I don't think he was the worst of the night - I would give that title to Iwan, who tangoed like he had to go to the loo and was holding it in. Ainsley's posture needs work - and I was mentally screaming "shoulders down!" throughout his performance - but I don't think his footwork was horrible; I actually think that they were disadvantaged by the song, which has an odd beat for a tango.


I miss significant chunks of Jeremy's dance, mainly because I kept breaking out in fits of giggles. I would be OK with him being the contestant-who-lasted-too-long, as I think he could really develop into my guilty pleasure.


Jay wasn't nearly the trainwreck I feared he would be after seeing his first steps video. I thought he actually got the rhythm of the cha cha cha down right, and while not perfect it was a solid effort.


OK, I acknowledge that Peter gave a great performance. However, I'm not sure, technique-wise, he's as good as we think he is. A lot of that performance was down to Janette's choreo and the song, both of which were fab. I will refrain from proclaiming him the best thing since sliced bread until we see his ballroom posture.

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I agree with Iwan being the worst of night two. I also think Iwan has less potential than Ainsley. I think Ainsley has more rhythm and will do better in latin. Having tango week one is a bit of a challenge for the pros. On a night when everyone wants to make a big impression, tango is difficult because it tends to be forgettable unless executed very well. Ainsley struggled, but Natalie's choreography was also weird in spots for a standard tango. 


I liked Jeremy and Karen. I'm no Karen fan, mostly because I find her legs to be strange in latin, but I think she does well with partners with personality. Jeremy will not be a great dancer, but I wouldn't mind seeing this partnership develop for weeks to come. He also might be a guy who does better with standard dances. I was thoroughly entertained by their dance which is more than I can say for several other dances.


I'd love to see an Anton showdance this series. Make it happen.



Georgia May seems like a complete airhead, which makes her almost as irritating as Peter Andre.


Jeremy Vine was by far the worst dancer this week, and I doubt he has much of a personal fanbase.


I loved Georgia May's partnership with Giovanni. They seemed to have a great rapport and great chemistry. I just hope their chemistry stays where it is and doesn't get forced into showmance territory. Two young, attractive people being told how much chemistry they have week 1 is a recipe for showmance. If they avoid that pitfall, I'm on board with this team.

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