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S09.E01: The Blind Auditions Premiere

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Hated the sob story pieces.  Trying to extract viewer investment in the girl with the stepdad who died in Afganistan is just production driven crapola.  I'm sincerely sorry for her loss and for all the losses endured by the families and friends who have lost someone in Service.  But this is not the time nor place for that.

And THEN she didn't even get a chair to turn!  


All I could think was, Jordan is so OUT in his first battle round. You know, when singers are judged on their appearance. I can just look at most battle couples and know which is going home based on appearance. All the judges were more about "Jordan, you are such a strong person, American needs you" than "I need you on my team." I can't even remember who did end up with him.


I didn't think Jordan sounded like a woman at all, and I was looking away so as to just hear him. Someone could say Adam's falsetto is also pretty feminine. So what?

I believe he chose Adam which I thought was funny because Adam didn't look interested AT ALL when he finally turned around.  

and how staged was "So tell us your story...."


Are the judges primarily focused on eventual career success or on winning the show? If it's the latter, choosing an underdog who's popular with viewers should be a plus.

I'm willing to bet that at least Pharrel looks at it from a business standpoint.  He would probably like to win but he's probably more so looking for people that can make him $$$$ after their contracts with NBC have expired. 

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Just catching up.  Working now, so it's hard to stay on top of things the way I was last season.


Team roster/cheat sheets:


Team Adam

Keith Semple (2)

Jordan Smith (4)


Team Gwen

Kota Wade (3)

Braiden Sunshine (2)


Team Pharrell

Mark Hood (4)

Siahna Im (3)


Team Blake

Nadjah Nicole (2)

Barrett Baber (4)


Names in bold indicate newly-added team members.  An asterisk indicates that this contestant was montaged.


I knew Mark wasn't going to pick Blake.  If an artist is shown saying whom they plan on picking, they ultimately don't pick him or her.  If that coach turns around, they pick someone else.  Or in other cases, the coach doesn't turn around.  But I thought his reaction to Pharrell coming in during his confessional was cute.  Though at the same time, Pharrell's "what did I just get into face?" when he kept talking was hilarious!


Everyone but Adam turned for Kota?  Can we assume his team was full by that time?  There's no way he wouldn't have turned for her otherwise after a performance like that.


I think, if Keith makes the live shows, his accent will be a big draw for votes.


Alyssa Sheridan . . . I felt for her when I heard her story.  But that wasn't a good song choice at all.


Siahna . . . I think Adam's team was full again when she auditioned, because once more, no way he wouldn't have turned for her.  Still, she's so adorable.  And fifteen?  She looks and sounds so much younger than that.


Jordan's audition really was surprising.  When I heard his voice, I quite expected a woman and was blown away to see a young man!  I don't see why he chose Adam, though.


I liked Dr. Paul.  I can't believe the coaches didn't.


I loved Nadjah!  I figured she'd have gone for Pharrell or Gwen.  But since neither turned around, I was shocked she went with Blake.  Black artists don't typically go with him.


Braiden sounded rather plain, but nonetheless, a damn good voice for his age.


Michael had a good voice, but I was worried that if he'd made it, being Chuck Woolery's son would've been the main reason he got votes in the live shows, so I was actually okay with him not getting through.


And Barrett had a good voice, but a four-chair-turn-worthy performance?  I'm not sure.  But Blake was definitely the right choice for him.  That makes two artists for each coach.  Good, even distribution.


Pretty good first night.  I'll watch Tuesday's episode a bit later.

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I thought Jordan was great .But dude you are from singer from Harlan and you somehow don't know 'You'll Never Leave Harlan Alive ' is a song about miners dying of black lung not a joke .

I had the exact same thought.  Such a sad, haunting song which I've always loved, especially Brad Paisley's version.


Some good voices to start off the season.  Add me to the list of those cringing at the weird reaction to Jordan.  He's simply a guy with an unusually amazing voice - not some crusader or poster child for something or other.  I, too, think he will be gone in the battles which is a shame.  


Dear Gwen,

Glad you're back.  The hair?  Not flattering.



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Just saw the entire Jordan performance and response. It's really strange to make a big deal over a heavy-set, nerdy looking guy with a great voice at this late date on a show that was developed with people who could sing but didn't necessarily "look the part".  He made a mistake choosing Adam, but I'm happy for him that he had a four chair turn.


That said, his voice is a standout and makes him one of my top favorites so far.

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