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It took a while, but I just finished binging the whole series. The arc of season 8 wasn't great, but I think it did have a few good episodes. 

I felt like the actor actor playing Randy knew he was just a filler and he came across that way on TV. 

Fez was just ick. I can't believe Jackie went for it. He had a different girl over every night. Just gross. 

I liked Jackie and Hyde. I didn't get the point of the stripper. It was bad from the get-go with an unlikable character. She wasn't involved with the gang at all. Whenever they all went somewhere together, the stripper wasn't included. It seemed like their scenes were mostly about marital disputes. 

I did enjoy the MTM episode with Captain Stubing. They did a very nice throwback to both of their shows.

I also liked the Brady kids showing up as a gay couple.  

I found the last episode to be very unsatisfying. Like I needed more closure. 

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So, I'm not very far into 8, but besides missing Kelso and Eric, I really miss the credits. It's not right for them to not be in the car. I actually hit "skip intro." I never do this!

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kinda hard to watch this show now that I know that Masterson and Prepon are members of that Scientology thing.  And Masterson possibly being charged with  a crime...


Heard Prepon's show got cancelled....Something about orange being the new black?

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