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Captain Lee: Oh Captain, My Captain!

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Watching the Covid season on the free Peacock network just now. I really don't understand the Captain Lee fangirling. I see him as someone who is suddenly famous and sits up at night writing down his aphorisms that have to be bleeped. Note to "Captain Stud" we don't all think references to sharp things being hammered in to one's body as being particularly clever or interesting. The Captain is paid well, I think it is unseemly that he pays such close attention to the size of the tip. Maybe it is to show solidarity with the crew but still...

Wasn't it the first primary guest this season, the "repeat offender" who had reacted defensively about not giving a sufficient tip on the last go round? It is so obvious that he acted out and was extra demanding on this season but then tipped well so it was perceived as being worth it for the crew.

Happy that it is free on Peacock and I am mid-binge.


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Next season; Andy Cohen and other executives of this show; should fire Captain Lee Rosbach. His character and attitude is getting tiresome. His my way or the highway management style no longer works well to motivate his staff. Captain Lee is stuck in the 1980’s and most people tune out motivation through fear philosophy quickly.

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I hope Kerry is a one and done for season 11 and they get someone else for the next season.  And definitely not Sandy either.  Bring someone new in.

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9 minutes ago, Baltimore Betty said:

Was Capt. Kerry the one that made the deck crew take furniture from the boat for a beach picnic?

No, I don’t remember who that was but Kerry is from Below Deck Adventure.

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18 minutes ago, Peper81 said:

No, I don’t remember who that was but Kerry is from Below Deck Adventure.

Right, BDA. 

I did not think he was so dynamic a person, it is like he resented the cameras being on board...everyone knows the guests are bit more "extra," on Below Deck Original Recipe, my prediction is he will not like it.

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Kerry won me over when he marched into the galley to tell the histrionic chef that she was inappropriate and abusive and it needed to stop or she was off the boat. How many years have I wished for that to happen with other chefs/crew? I like Lee, but he seems like a boss who doesn't want to know about personality disputes, which gives abusive folks a lot of leeway.

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