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S06.E04: High Steaks In Texas

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I am sure it is a bit frustrating for the Tyler and Co. when they come up with challenges and then not everyone participates - "Hey! We made the challenges to add more drama to the show and you are not helping!"  But, over the years, Tyler has said many times that to run a successful food truck you need to be able to think quickly on your feet and make the most of every situation - and that is what teams are trying to do when they don't follow a challenge.  If I recall correctly, there was a team that came close to winning or maybe even won (they made bahn mi sandwiches, I think) that decide not to do the challenge more than once. 


Whether they move on to the next city or not depends on how much money they make.  The Waffle Boys thought about how their steak item was more time consuming and less profitable than their regular items and decided that they it made more sense (and cents) selling their regular menu than taking a chance that they could win the $500.  Heck, maybe they felt that their regular menu is so much more profitable that their profit would be higher sticking with the regular menu than even winning the $500.  

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Once again, the Waffle Bros were their usual annoying selves. Them being late for opening up because they had to go to church was bad enough, but telling customers what/what not to eat was tacky. Their being committed to their faith is commendable, but business is business. They should do their praying on their own time, IMO.   


That steak challenge was gross and pointless.


  Postcards' elimination bugged me more than I thought. They showed the class in this episode that they lacked in the previous one. Shame Waffle Love couldn't have been eliminated instead.

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I finally saw the part, in the last repeat of this ep yesterday, where the burger guys said they ran out of groceries before Tyler called about the Speed Bump where someone had to man the truck solo while the others went for more groceries. So I understand now why the remaining burger guy shut down & worked on prep while the other trucks kept selling to the best of their abilities.

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I got to stop watching this show it makes me hungry.

I thought the Waffle guys were whiny too. Talking about how much time it would take to make a steak.

I really don't like them chosing not to do the challange but more then that I don't like that if a team

doesn't do a challenge nothing happens. They don't get penalized or anything. What's the point

of having challenges if the teams don't have to do them?

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To be fair, the Wafflers did cook steak, which was the challenge. They just didn't do very much of it and chose instead to push their sweet waffles. I think the fault lies with Tyler and the show for the way they choose a winner. Instead of giving it to the one that sells the most, give it to the one that sells the most steak. Which the burger boys did, on both counts, but I think the Pho girls and Postcards sold more meat by volume than the Wafflers did. In my perfect world scenario, Wafflers would have gone home.

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I'm late to the game, as usual, and someone else kind of addressed this upthread, but you guys are totally underestimating the weirdness that is my little town of Amarillo. 


I've read several times that we have more restaurants per capita than....whatever they were comparing at the time.  We have restaurants.  There are currently about 10 new restaurants building here at this time.  Any time a new restaurant opens, it is totally inundated with people.  They will wait for hours.  Same for the food trucks.  Maybe there was some producer manipulation?  I don't know.  But people here will go crazy for anything new and unique.   Our city has some strange (to me) regulations about food trucks, so we basically don't have them.  They had to get special permits to operate the food trucks here for the show.  The trucks were a novelty and a chance to try something new and people weren't going to miss them. I heard about it too, but I'm not a big crowds person, and I knew it would be crazy.  I never go to new restaurants either until they've been open a while and things have calmed down.  


As soon as I saw the waffle boys say they were closing up and going to church, and put up a sign to that effect, I knew they would be fine.    This is one town where they will appreciate that you are attending church and they will wait for you.  We don't have a large LDS community but the concept was understood and people were fine with waiting for that reason. 


When I saw that the city made the trucks move, I thought "don't mess with them, they won't come back."  Then when I saw the amount of money the trucks made here (and I believe it) I thought "oh, they'll be back.  They'll be back."   We WILL pay for food we don't have to cook ourselves.

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