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S04.E12: How Does A Girl Like You Get To Be A Girl Like You

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I think Regina would have to be dead, retired, or below the poverty line for Daphne to get SSI or SSDI/child benefits as her daughter. She might be eligible for voc rehab, depending on the particular rules in her state (I forget if they're in KS or MO, but VR is usually at least partially state controlled).


However, Regina offered to pay for Daphne's tuition and John refused. He's got a pride issue going on, and that makes the problem even stupider and more of a manufactured drama thing. Regina has money now, either from Angelo's estate, or perhaps from her job. And if she doesn't, then Daphne could qualify for needs-based financial aid, including loans, but again-- John thought he could pay out of pocket, and now is refusing to admit to anyone that he can't. The scholarship Daphne lost was a merit scholarship, thus the grade-dependent nature of it. But most kids get aid based on income level, and if it's low, there are grants and loans and work-study jobs, none of which Daphne has explored.


Daphne doesn't really have money issues, there is just a problem with John not wanting to admit the hole he's in.

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The moment i saw Daphney wanting to talk to Toby I was thinking "Oh, here comes the righteous fighter!" And then Toby's face while she was "preaching" (LG did a great job in that scene). Once he started telling her off my though was " you go Toby! atta boy!"

He is a well raised young man, he knows that it's not a light decision, but it's his decision because it's his life. If he directly asked for an advice, then you can let him know what you are thinking, but still, do so without sounding like it's a lecture, putting pressure on him. 

When Daphney was talking about how it's not gonna ruin his life, but just change it I wanted to see how she'd react while starting her career. Get preggo, get a special needs kid and then tell yourself that this whole med school that's not gonna happen is just a change she needs to adjust to. 

Although the way she is written she'd somehow get the Earth rotation to slow so she has 36 hours in a day and her special needs kid will get best of her genes and will be still smart and well behaved and she'll become the youngest deaf mother that is a doctor.

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I have a question (sorry, I am only just watching this episode now). Why are parents pulling their "kids" out of the program? What I mean is that they're adults, college students, over 18, so can a parent really pull out their kid? It seems a bit childish?

Mingo is right, Daphne's life is harder. Lily should have gone for an abortion.

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Parents can refuse to pay tuition, which amounts to pulling a kid out, I guess? Or the parents can oppose enrolling in the first place, so kids pull out of the application process. Any real or PR nightmare can affect enrollment, I would think. I think that saying the parents are "pulling kids out" is a way of saying the school's reputation is suffering and they are hearing a lot of complaints from parents while kids leave, even if technically the kids are adults.

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