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S02.E08: Intruders

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Well, then, here's an idea. why not compel hundreds of Strigoi to destroy the place? How exactly did The Master work with the Germans in WW2 without learning about bombs and grenades and whatnot? How did he exist for millenia without wondering why sieges are no longer what they used to be? Hell, even if "what they used to be" was all he knew, do you seriously think those windows would stand up to a catapult or battering ram? Or... large truck full of explosives driven by one of the zombie mooks who was being compelled to sit there and hold his foot on the gas pedal? 

Eichorst alone should be easily capable of killing them all, now that the new address is known. I mean, they do teach something at Nazi University besides makeover tips, don't they? 


Well, Nazis, are supposed to be a bunch of fools, aren't they?  .... ;-)

And then if a truck loaded with explosives pays a visit to their hiding place, how are we supposed to have a season three episode? ...  :-)

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