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Brenda Barrett: Port Charles' Resident Pint-Sized Supermodel and Sleeve Enthusiast

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We already have a few family threads here, but there are definitely a few characters who can't be lumped into a family thread. Brenda is one of them. This is the place to talk about the world's tiniest supermodel! (Except for Erica Kane, I guess.)


Here are Brenda's first and last scenes from her original run (1992-1998).



Part 2 of her first day, meeting Ned:




I've always loved this funeral montage for her after she was presumed dead:


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This serves to remind me that I really liked her sister Julia. And that a little bit of Lois went a long way. And that the way Brenda was written out back then was totally weird ...

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Thanks for reopening the thread, OnceSane! Apologies again on forgetting to ask about creating the thread.


Karen, annoyed by Brenda and Jagger being together, throws some hot tea at Brenda, LOL:


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Honestly in some ways I think Brenda was the second coming of Lucy Coe, in that once you got past her occasional almost Erica Kane like self-absorbtion, there was a lot of humor to her character.   She could be quite quirky and flighty, to the point where sometimes I got the impression even Lucy wanted to ring her neck during those early days of Deception Cosmetics.


While at first glance Brenda was the poor little rich girl, I grew to care about the character when we saw that she was for the most part, alone in the world.   Her father was pathologically cold to her because of his feelings towards her mother, she and Julia just didn't mesh and from there, it was just Boarding Schools until she hit Port Charles.   The girl has always been a profound level of lonely and that made it easy for me to empathize with her even when she was unlikable.   Alot of the other BIG personality women on the show had a foundation IMO.   Carly was raised by Virginia and we are given the impression that Virginia loved her, Kate had her family in Bensonhurst.   We don't know much about Tracy or Lucy's childhoods but I got the impression that these women had a strong sense of who they were and of their own value and that's something I've never gotten from Brenda.


I will say I like the contrast that all of this internal messiness never hardened her (which has been both good and bad for her IMO), even when she was younger other than Julia/Karen she for the most part got along with everyone.   Back when GH wasn't Mob central and relationships whether amorous or not, actually mattered, Brenda seemed to be a well connected character.   Most people thought she was troublesome more than a troublemaker but many people grew to truly care about her, Alan, Monica, Edward, Lila, Jason Q, AJ, Ned, Lois, Lucy, Robin, Mac, Ruby.   A good deal of them thought she was crazy but they grew to care about her anyway, we've even seen Bobbie express genuine fondness for Brenda.


So many character introduced in the late 90's to now seem to be DROPPED on everyone's life in Port Charles, Brenda was one of those characters that organically began to expand, and I GOT why people grew to care about her, whereas, these days' I look at the characters and think "Why?????"


I of course see why Sonny and Jax grew to love her so much.   And each seemed happier when they were with her then any of their other love interest IMO.   And I think Jax said it best when he said one of the things that drew him to her was her capacity for joy.    Funny enough I didn't grow to really appreciate the character until she came back from the dead in early 2000s and pretty much set the canvas on fire.   And I really grew to love her relationship with Jason Morgan.  I think it benefited BOTH characters.   And I like that we saw them grow to genuinely care about each other.   Jason considers Brenda a disaster in pretty much EVERY way but he wants to know that wherever she is, she's ok and it's not just because of what she once mean't to Sonny either.


Also loved in a masochistic way, the aftermath of Jax leaving her at the alter because I was once again reminded of how alone in the world this girl was/is.   I like that she didn't crumple at the alter when Jax said "I do not", she threw her hands on her hips and stood up for herself to the best of her ability and called him out on HOW he was ending things between them.   And she went to say her goodbyes to the Quartermaines who let's be real, would choose Skye over her if it came down to the wire and not a love triangle, I think the exception was Ned, who told her he would ALWAYS love her (one of the last times this show made me feel warm and fuzzy).   Then her goodbye scene with Jason in the airport, most characters when hurt usually hurt someone else, but Brenda told Jason she hopes he'll find a way to be happy because he deserves it and that life is too short to be UNhappy.   It was a really sweet scene.


I also think Brenda will never fully recover from what happened with her mother.  When she lowered her guard and let her mother in, the woman tried to kill them both and succeeded in killing herself.  I think it's believable and in-character that Brenda would remain forever broken after something like that.


GH Why do you not create awesome characters anymore?

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 And I really grew to love her relationship with Jason Morgan.

I always loved them, man. Especially when they screamed at each other, lol. It was always a mix of seriousness filled with a touch of random hilarity. SBu and Vanessa were great.

And I will just forever have a special place in my soap heart for Sonny/Brenda/Jax/Jason/Robin. That group and what they created in the '90s is just timeless to me.

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That random moment when Jason Q and Brenda actually kissed (!):

14 hours ago, LeftPhalange said:

This thread title needs to have "Sleeves" in it somewhere. 

Brenda Barrett: Port Charles' Resident Pint Sized (and Sleeves Obsessed) Supermodel? 

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And I really grew to love her relationship with Jason Morgan.

I loved their relationship, their wedding was the best. I'll always acknowledge her as Jason's first wife ever. When she moved in and made the room pink and they lived together they had the best scenes.

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