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The Late Show Announces All Of Its First-Week Guests

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I predict this is the end of Jeb Bush's candidacy. He's probably expecting a nice little pop-culture moment, remind people that he's in the race and he'll still be there when Trump implodes, maybe endure some gentle mocking from Colbert (and give Colbert a way to differentiate his actual political persona from the Colbert Report character.)

And I think Colbert has something that Bush is simply not prepared for, and he fully intends to produce a Dukkakis-in-the-tank, Howard Dean YEEAH, kind of moment that Bush isn't going to be able to escape, and will register Colbert as an unapologetic force to be reckoned with.

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I can't say I understand having Jeb! on the same premiere week as this other shitbag:




I know Stephen knows him from The Colbert Christmas Special, but why have him on Week 1?  To contrast with Joe Biden (on the same night as him)?

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As long as he doesn't clean his glasses on the clothing of a Colbert staffer during the commercial break he'll be well ahead of his brother on a "Late Show" appearance.



I saw that live (well, the following night, when Letterman had realized it happened and rerun it). I thought Bush would be finished, but alas, it was before Youtube and Social Media. Today, he'd have been toast...game over... in less than a week for that. Noblesse oblige indeed.


I hope Stephen isn't going to pair liberals and conservatives. We suffered through Jeb! already, now, even worse, it's Toby Keith? I have hopes for Biden, though. He seems on a roll of late. I know it won't happen but I'm hoping he'll declare his candidacy and get a huge "Colbert bump" for it.

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