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Oh, October! Tough break!


I got Emma...


Emma, who was born the Savior but has the potential to become a terrifying Dark force, is as likable a protagonist as they come. She’s sassy and strong, but fiercely protective of the ones she loves

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BuzzFeed has a clickbait 'Can We Guess Who Your Favourite OUAT Character is?' thing. I did it for a laugh and it's weird as hell. I chose light magic always, love as my motivator, Regina as being 'the worst' and I put that I miss Graham. Who did it give me as my fave?


Because of course.

I can't help thinking that the showrunners wrote this quiz.

I got Hook, so it isn't all wrong! I think I know what did it. I said I missed Peter Pan the most and chose Neal as "the worst." Now it makes sense.

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I was scared, but I got Hook. Oddly, I went back and took it again, changing only the "who's the worst?" answer from Neal to Regina, and I got Henry.

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I answered for myself and got Charmz - which totally doesn't surprise me.  I'm such a girl scout at heart.  I can't help it!  I grew up in a Navy family.  Outside of Hook and Emma, he's really the only other character I love to any appreciable degree.


And I do really miss Pan the most of those choices.  He was such a little shit, but he was a damn good villain!

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I wonder if the deciding factor isn't missing Graham the most?  I got Regina, too.  My motivator was faith, magic was light only as needed, and my weapon was knowledge.  


Regina?  I wouldn't enjoy it, but I'd at least understand getting Belle.  We both like books and tend to be doormatty.  Regina?

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Took the quiz again and just changed my horse from the black one to the dramatic-looking brown one. I got Emma this time! Yay! Let's see, I chose Love, dark magic always, storybrooke, magic, and missing Peter Pan the most. That's a weird combo for Emma. :P

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This is the spot to share the multitude of online games, polls, and quizzes that you come across out there for OUAT, and share your results, your strategies, and your recommendations! Enjoy!

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Yeah, that character quiz is rigged. How the hell does: a grey horse, using light magic only if needed, considering Regina is the worst, being motivated by duty, using knowledge as a weapon, missing Graham, and choosing to live in The Enchanted Forest = Regina? So I went back and changed my weapon of choice to a sword. Still Regina. So I went back again and changed my location to Arendelle. Still Regina. Fucking Buzzfeed.


At least I got Snow Drifts in the other quiz.

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I got "I just watched the man I love die."  That's not my real favorite CS quote though. "Emma, it's you" and "When I win your heart" are my top two.


Also, who did NOT pick Cruella's car?


Duh... I picked the Jolly Roger, of course! 

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For quote, I got: “You would have done the same.” “Actually no.” (And I picked the Bug. My inner 5-year-old brought up memories of playing the game where you look for VW Beetles from the bus/car and insisted.)


For character: Belle. When I said love was seeing the best in others, I didn't quite mean it that way....


I didn't do well on the Captain Swan quiz at all. I don't know episode names except for a handful of my favorites and I definitely don't know fandom catchphrases. 

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Huh... I got Jefferson/The Mad Hatter. I'd kinda forgotten about him. I guess he could be considered the OUaT equivalent of Oz. I goofed answering a couple of the questions, but I s'pose I can live with it.


ETA: ok, so I went back and tried again. Got Daniel this time, but it was pretty much a tie between Him and Jefferson. I can't believe Peter Pan is in here but Hook isn't. WTF people?

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Camera One, on 25 Aug 2015 - 9:28 PM, said:

I got Peter Pan.  Not sure which answer gave me the psycho.

LOL. I did wonder. Can't blame you for being a little freaked out by it. The first go 'round my fat fingers accidentally chose the Beiber song from the list. I guess I really must be getting old (got a birthday coming up in less than a month). I think I've heard maybe one song on there. Not that I've ever been one of the cool kids, but geez...

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