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S06.E07: Wanna Love You

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My boyfriend, who only tangentially follows this show when I do, caught up on this episode last night. He got as much joy out of "dramastically," Randy's gleeful giggle at Adumb getting arrested, and "why am I a guy?!" as we did. I haven't heard him laugh at something so stupid in a long time.

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Leah was high, high, high on opiates when she was trying to win Germy back by telling him she was thinking of going to 'therapeutic' treatment. The gravelly voice, pinned pupils and 3 second blinks are all I needed for confirmation. I laughed my ass off when he told her he was still getting a divorce even if she did get some help and she wailed "Why do you always do this?" She honestly thought he'd run right back home and forget she cheated on him and blew through every penny they brought in? Alrighty, then. Only in Leah's world.  Good thing the mystery woman came to sit in the car with the girlses while she went to take yet another call. The car was running. When Ali is standing in the driver's seat, you can see the wiper blade moving! This was filmed late last year, early this year, right? So, in 8 months time, she's gone to rehab, left after a day or so, went back to rehab, met a guy there, got another divorce and moved in with the new guy. What's the new guys last name? I predict her thread title will have to change soon. Wonder if she'll have the next A kid first or will get hitched first?

Cuz this Bitch ran out of likes at 8 AM!!!! That's what I get for marathoning episodes. I don't recomend that manner of viewing. I took a Klonopin by the end of it!  

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