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S02.E06: Identity

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How long did it take that cop to drive Nora home -- it was still light out when they left the precinct, yet was pitch black when he hit that vamp on the road ?  Red Hook just isn't that big.

Was there any reason why Nora didn't just get in the front seat of the squad car and take off?  There was no indication that car was damaged after hitting the first vamp.

The look in Zach's eyes was creepy when Nora was comforting him. I thought he was going to say something rude, or hit on her. 

Thank you!  The look on his face when he asked if she was alright was downright creepy.  If there's ever a role about a 12 year old rapist, they need to look this kid up.

When Fitz assumed Fet and Nora were NuZack's parents, I chuckled.

I got a bigger laugh when the council woman asked Nora if Zack was her son and she gave a response something to the effect of "Oh God no!".


I'm glad to see I'm not the only one bothered by the restaurant owner sending his daughter on a delivery run.  I hope he feels like shit once he learns that she barely survived an attack.

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I'm glad to see I'm not the only one bothered by the restaurant owner sending his daughter on a delivery run.

He even mentioned the danger!  We can't even hand-wave as him being oblivious, what with the classes cancelled talk and the gouging delivery fees and such.  But hey I guess 50 bucks is 50 bucks?? 


So does a cleanup squad come round and dispose of the bodies left in the hallway?  I did LOL when Gus says to Angel "Happy now?"  Angel (stonefaced) "Do I look happy?"  Hee.  I do wish they'd meet up with Abe & co. already.


So Fitzwilliam we hardly new ya.   Ugh, why bother bringing him in show?  We could have used more intel on Stoneheart group.    Stupid plot development.  Speaking of which, for some reason I liked Eph's Washington friend and the woman contact (not enough to remember their names obviously) but I thought they both made their teeny roles interesting.  Or maybe they just seemed extra personable because they were next to Eph.  Well, bye to two more allies.


Eph wasn't cheating on Nora - he did have an affair with her but they were no longer a couple when we first meet them - Eph wanted to try to get back with Kelly even though she was with someone else.  Eph & Nora did have random stress sex, but there's been no other couple-y behaviour, just science. 


I agree with our recapper, the assassin having STONEHEART prominent on his phone was pretty funny, as well as Eichorst's "always a bridemaid" face.  It's these little things that keep me coming back I tell you.


Quinlan's smackdown of the useless ancients was fun too watch.  I want to see him whack someone with that big old bone (wait, that doesn't sound quite right).


Abe & Fet continue to impress, Nora's hair still looks fabulous and Zach is a carbon copy of Damian. 

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Running a business seems foolish. I know it's part of the show. Even though I have no idea where they're going with angel and the Indian places storyline. But you can't be business as usual in parts of the city that are bad. Manhattan isn't that big.

Was zach legit being friendly to Nora? I hate that kid so much I don't know what to think. At least he didn't run after his mom.

I'm still not sure the end game here of the master. Do they want to turn everyone? Take over the world? It seems they existed forever pretty much in secret. We're that that miserable?

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I freely admit I was on the internet through the last half of last week's episode so I may have missed it, but considering how overprotective he was of Pretty Waitress Girl (does she have a name?) last ep and this ep, I totally thought Angel was that girl's father. So, when her actual dad showed up I was very confused. Also her dad is a dick. Who is making deliveries in this mess?!? I'd be telling people to come get their shit and if they get there alive they get a discount.

At least Lee got to hook up with bald, hot Eph before she died. I don't watch this show as closely as I should, but I feel like in "show time" Eph and Nora are still a couple? Like, they hooked up just a few days ago in Kelly's house? I guess Eph is living the whole "if he cheats with you, he'll cheat on you" thing. Or they could be broken up. Honestly, I don't really remember.

I have no fucking clue if we're supposed to think they're a couple. They will act very coupley and then they won't and then they have convos about Zach's welfare and stuff and its juszz...zz......zzzzzzzz. I loved how Eph was all in a tizzy about not leaving Zach and Nora had to convince him to leave his shitty kid with her, but he had no problem leaving Zach with Dutch in the beginning of the season while she worked on her art project.


Speaking of.........where the hell was Dutch?


Honestly, I still don't even understand why being blind would turn you into a weirdly-jointed daddylonglegs monster.

Maybe deaf people turn into fire-breathing centaurs, diabetics turn into underwater cephalapods with bow ties and monocles, and people who for some reason feel compelled to carry giant bones around in their backpack turn into supervamps with noses that last forever. 

Ha! I spent a considerable amount of time trying to figure out the whole spider-kid thing too. They were at one point blind children so that means that, once they turn, they have vombie super powers? What? Why? How? I still don't understand why Kelly needs them to find her son. She is his mother, so she should be able to "sense" him better than any of these random spider kids who don't know him. Speaking of how these rule make no sense: when Kelly and her Spider Kids were searching the church, I loved how the scent of Zach's scarf was somehow stronger than the scent of Actual Zach who was like 15 feet away.


Also amazingly stupid: Cop hits Spider kid with car, jumps out of car to check and get attacked. The driver door is open. Nora (bless her dumb but pretty self) decided firing through the roof and fleeing toward a locked building is the best move. Instead of jumping in the front seat and getting out of there.


The look in Zach's eyes was creepy when Nora was comforting him. I thought he was going to say something rude, or hit on her.

Ok. That scene made me soooooo uncomfortable and "Oh god, why is Zach perving on Nora?!?!?!?" was the only thing I could think. I genuinely thought he was going to try and kiss her and I was freaking out.


The homeless guy at the top of the episode was kinda funny. When someone walked by without giving him any money he told them to "Get stung!"

All I could wonder was how in the hell there were still homeless people. Wouldn't the vombies pretty much kill all of them pretty quickly since they're out there with little to no shelter and pretty defenseless. Much love for "Get stung!" though :)

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I'm still not sure the end game here of the master. Do they want to turn everyone? Take over the world? It seems they existed forever pretty much in secret. We're that that miserable?


If you want to spoil yourself, the Wiki articles on "The Strain" and the subsequent 2 books explain the motivation.


The plot seems kind of hoakey to me, but maybe they'll go a different direction with the TV show.


I do have a thought on the spider kids.  They were get some extra special dirt-nap treatment at one point, right?  So, maybe the special dirt is like a spa for vampires and loosens up their joints and what-not.  But I like Cletus's explanation better.

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The way Fet screamed out for Nora, with such urgency.

Has me feeling some type of way.


Definitely. And where the heck was Dutch? The way characters come and go sometimes is just so distracting.


I really, really was hoping they would cut to the fight in the Senate. That would have made the episode.


I continue to both loathe and laugh at Zach. During his "moment" with Nora, I totally thought he was going to ask if she enjoyed boffing his dad. How does he look more evil than the master? Is he a second mini-master?


The scariest thing in this episode was the giant old, dead, and naked master ass.


Eph is the "hero" of this show? I don't hate him (and I love Corey Stoll) but Abe, Eichorst (lol, owned), and Fet continue to drive the show, IMO.

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Hmmm....I FF through all the talky Zach scenes, but now I'm a little intrigued about the creepy scene with Nora. Oh well, I'm disappointed that he didn't rejoin Kelly and his new family. 


LMAO @ Eichorst. Bolivar stole his promotion! To add insult to injury, the Master was either completely oblivious or totally unbothered by his butthurt. I guess Palmer wasn't the only one deluded about the nature of their relationship.


RIP Fitzwilliam, who had potential and Eph's doctor friend, who was hot.


The Silver Angel is dull and literally lame. Gus' new crew is boring.

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If Santo/Angel de Plata actually get involved slaughtering vampires this will not just be worth it but one of the best storylines for me.  But I don't know what they're doing and it doesn't seem like something that needs to be "developed" to get going.  

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With a name like the "The Silver Angel," he's obviously meant to eventually be a super badass Strigoi fighter. But will we even see that? I mean, the focal characters haven't really changed since Season 1. Dutch didn't start out as one the stars, so we still only see her when she's interacting with, say, Fet or Eph or Abraham. I don't think they're going to give Angel a whole spinoff arc to himself. And if it looks like his story is going to really pay off, then that will be Gus' signal to run far, far away and spend two or three weeks in a subplot about Lithuanians who sell stolen umbrellas. Because, regardless of how good a fighter he is, and how little fear of ordinary Strigoi mooks he actually seems to have, Gus has one weakness. Anything remotely tying in to the actual main plot of the show is like kryptonite to him.

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