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Game Of Thrones Videos

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So many hilarious parodies out there!  One of my favorites is Flula.  Here's an example, but you can click at the end to see all his episode by episode recaps.


Here's Bad Lip-Syncing.  hahahahaha...


And, of course, there's the great Seanzoz, episode by episode.

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This one is very funny, a so-called honest trailer for seasons 1 through 3.  I laughed out loud at all the Sean Bean-related deaths.  (For those who may not be aware, its pretty much a guarantee that whatever character Sean Bean plays, you just know that character is going to die.)

Anyway, a funny honest trailer. 

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I love how the lip reading vid actually manages to keep most of the characterizations intact.

This is one of my faves; it was done before season 3 so you'll have to try to put yourself back in that mindset for the full effect.

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The guy who plays Littlefinger in School of Thrones is amazing; it took me about ten seconds to realize it wasn't actually Aiden Gillen. Also, there are two other parts up.

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This guy has other GoT songs that are perhaps more professional, as in: much longer, somewhat more serious, and considerably less batshit insane than this one sometimes gets in its quest for the perfect rhyme. However, this one is very short, very funny, and has grown on me quite a bit since I first saw it.

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Game Of Thrones - Storm of Swords / A Dance with Dragons - It Gets Better

An old one but it makes me laugh. Based on a PSA. So just in case. Unsullied don't look. Book spoilers, but not really. Season 3 spoilers definitely. I am unspoiled, although I keep trying not to be but not really motivated enough I guess. Although I suppose there are book spoilers and people who've read them will go "oh, I know what they are talking about". My reaction was "well, they named people and places and it was all vague and I could have guessed 

it continues to be depressing

based on having seen the show before.

But just in case, spoilers, spoilers, spoilers.  But not really.

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That Tywin/Cat's in the Cradle song parody is very accurate.


Wasn't sure where to put this, but HBO released a nice little video celebrating the finale falling on Father's Day.

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