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Jeff Weldon: Whacked

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To be honest, I don't much care to discuss him, I just like the title.  (Triple pun, suggesting Jeff's a bit goofy, referencing his having been "terminated" in the game, and of course his infamous nocturnal moment.)


I don't actually think Jeff "put the jizz on Liz" (and not only because Julia is the lucky twin in that clip) but he did have a poor sense of timing when it came to grabbing himself in bed; there had earlier been footage of him doing the same next to a sleeping Johnny Mac.  Dude, save it for the shower.  (And then clean up after yourself, or the next "Gronk party" in there is gonna be really gross.)  But when you conduct yourself with such a high level of class as Jeff generally did, people are going to give you a hard time, I guess.


(Charming that Jeff was so upset about Meg having dated a 38-year-old guy while he didn't complain similarly about Becky's 51-year-old ex.  [The same age as her dad.]  I guess you only get to be the subject of Jeff's thoughts on age-appropriate dating if he thinks you're hot enough.  Lucky Becky.)


Well, I could go on, but I want to be able to eat dinner later tonight, so I'll pass.  Not missing him in the house, for sure.

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