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Morning Joe Survivor Game

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This morning's discussion was a cacaphony of stupidity, courtesy of Cackles and Mika with a splash of Barnicalian dumbness thrown in. Kudos to Rattner and that poor, flabbergasted medical lady for brilliantly and none-too-kindly exposing Cackles for the hysterically uninformed shill she is.


My ratings:


Rattner +2

Flabbergasted Medical Lady +2

Barnicle -2


Morning Joe

1. Karins-Makes Mika feel creepy and gets away with it. Karins for the WIN! 25
2. Thomas - Even makes plaid pretty. 25
3. Rattner - Demolishing stupidity, no charts required. And also, too, Katrina. 25
4. Dr Z- Deserves his money back from Williams College. Talk about a waste of money! 21
5. Heilemann-Still seems like a journalist (most of the time). 19
6. Jeremy Peters - the best hair on morning TV. 19
7. Willie- The new Toady. 17
8. Meacham-In his den with leather-bound books, which smells of rich mahogany! 17
9. Ezra Klein-Bringing nuaced policy analysis without tired sloganeering. WaPo screwed the pooch. 17
10. Eugene-Pulitzer Prize winner! 17
11. Brian Sullivan-because it's refreshing to hear someone who calls out the Republican party for being what the Republican Party has become 17
12. Richard Haass-Mr. Wine and Cheese 15
13. Jeffrey Sachs Climate change is real. Preach! 15
14. Howard Dean The walls in Iowa are still reverberating 15
15. Ed Rendell-"America is a nation of wusses" 15
16. Katty "Pointer-out of the Obvious" Kay. Don't ask logical questions. It'll break the show. 15
17. Tina Brown Gossip-monger with a red pencil. 13
18. Roger Bennett-Sleeping in a dumpster. 13
19. Michael Steele-Even worse without the Republican machine behind him. 13
20. Sam-So young, yet so cynical 13
21. Donny-Does anybody know where the high school girls hang out around here? 13
22. Barnicle- It's the bureaucracy! 9
23. Louis-Glorified Go-fer. Ed Wood's talent is that of Orson Welles by comparison. 7
24. Harold-Pretend Democrat 3
25. Uncle Pat-Still racist after all these years. 1
26. Peggy Noonan-REAGAN! REAGAN! REAGAN! 1
27. Dan Senor-Advocates sending other parents' kids to war. 1
28. Halperin - Still believes in Christie 2016. 1

29. Flabbergasted Medical Lady - She just can't with this. 17


Stale cold instant with NO SUGAR!


29. Joe- Who dresses him in the morning? Mr. Magoo?
30. Cackles - I saw it in a movie!
31. Mika - Her whole body imploded after being forced to wear sleeves, watch television and disagree

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