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Have You Watched This One? (Videos and Documentaries)

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On Youtube there are numerous videos and documentaries covering health from different countries. I am especially intrgued with BBC's documentaries on childhood obesity and treatment.


There is one called Junk Food Kids: Who's To Blame? 


The parents are incredible and blame the child's weight on custards she eats at school.

Another parent blames outside influences while he is doing a fry-up for dinner.


The approach to the child's health by the doctors is realistic and lacks, as far as I've found, the sensationalized platform of reality shows we normally see.

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Oh, I know I'm to blame for my kids eating habits and if I could go back and change it, I would in a heartbeat.  It's harder to do when they are 17 and 14, believe me.  I have one that is stick thin, but the other is a little on the heavy side (not obese, but I'd say probably about 10lbs over).  The hard part is approaching her in such a way that I don't make her body conscious and possibly cause another problem.


My favorite documentary is Fed Up, which is on Netflix right now.  I've seen it twice already (I showed my dad who was here over the winter break and after watching it, he was determined to change the way he eats).  I highly recommend it to everyone.  In fact, if I were a P.E. or Science/Health teacher, I'd make it mandatory viewing for every student that came through my class.  The parents may be to blame for the kids eating habits, but once the kids and their parents decide to make dietary changes, the food industry makes sure it's a very steep, uphill battle. 

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