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Making Ina's Recipes at Home: How Easy is That?

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 A new-to-me episode yesterday within in the random repeats we get on Food Network in the UK: 4 hour lamb braised in the oven (Ina adapted the recipe from the original 7 hours' braising time as, after testing the recipe a few times, she found the 7 hour cooking time was too long,  .I wondered if that was because Ina was using a boneless leg of lamb which would take less time to reach that wonderful "falls apart if you look it" moment).  Ina didn't say it was boneless but it looked as if it was, i.e. the use of string.

The lamb looked so, so, so good and wonderfully tender.  And the cooking juices, complete with the squished garlic passed through a sieve and then reduced...heaven!  Even the white beans sort of a la Provencale (I am not usually a fan of white beans!) it was served with looked super-enticing.  BUT a leg of home-produced lamb is expensive in the UK, which is ironic given that we produce wonderful lamb - Welsh lamb is particularly good.  I'd baulk at spending nearly £40 on a 4lb boneless leg of lamb I was going to braise.  However good/delicious the end result is!  Imported New Zealand lamb is less expensive, but it seems all wrong to buy NZ lamb when we are  (rightly) encouraged to support British farmers.  So....I'm going to do the recipe using a cheaper, but no less delicious, cut: perhaps a boned/rolled shoulder.  Or even rolled breast of lamb which is extremely inexpensive and needs long, slow cooking.

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