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Small Talk: Who Are You?

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The Small Talk topic is for:


  • Introductions
  • Off-topic chatter
  • Having virtual tea with forum buddies


This is NOT a topic for actual show discussion. When you want to talk about the show:


  1. Figure out the nature of the topic you want to talk about
  2. Look for an existing topic that matches or fits
  3. If there is NOT an existing topic that fits, CREATE ONE!


Examples of topics that populate show forums include (but by no means are limited to):


  • Character topics
  • Episode topics
  • Season topics
  • Spoiler topics
  • Speculation topics
  • In the Media topics
  • Favourite X topics
  • ...you get the idea


Happy trails beyond Small Talk!

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I have to say I have messed up SO many posts and accidentally clicked on profiles because I usually use my phone to post. Also, I can't change my screen name yet but I will as soon as they let me. I just don't like it! Ummmm it's a nice day here in Seattle (can I say where I live) okay i'm out of small talk now lol I even had to edit this cuz I messed it up. Stupid newbies :-)

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From "The Dating Game" (episode 6).

The "babes", vaseline lens, animal prints, and open-mouth chewing made encore appearances in this episode. It's like a drinking game at this point.

Here's another square for the I Am Cait bingo card:

I can't help it, I love it every time Caitlyn wide-eyes something someone said and Chandi answers, "Yes Cait," and "Yes, Cait, that happens all the time."

Some more:

6. Cait talks over someone or shuts them down

7. Hands or feet

8. Candis' stairs

9. Kardashian cameo

10. "Normal"—even Candis did it this episode.

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