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This is a thread to vent about skin issues, share concerns, talk treatments, post tips.

Acne, Zits, Wrinkles, Psoriasis, Burns, Allergies, Chronic Dryness, anything concerning skin issues please.

So ill start. I have Actinic prurigo. Does anyone have it or know anything about it?

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I learned my skin has that too. I have been trying a primer cream by Hourglass that works well to diminish it.

The skin issue I mentioned above is a weird skin sensitivity to the sun that many Native Americans get genetically. I am Native America (my mom's side). So I tan easily and don't burn but am photosensitive from this disorder and that causes redness and bumps on my arms and knees. Sometimes they itch like mosquito bites or look strange if one sees those patches. But the cream helps with redness in my facial complexion due to this or if people just naturally are ruddy or have rosacia. It's vegan and was created for Madonna apparently. It goes on smooth and also is waterproof and minimizes pores.

I literally don't know anyone else with that type of photo sensitivity so was hoping someone had a response about a cream that treated it (in terms of arms, knees, or chest outbreaks) its not severe but annoying and sun screen and minimal sun exposure hasn't had an effect. My face might be more red due to this or just my ethnicity or a heart defect or stress blah blah. So trying the cream and foundation.

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I am prone to eczema and scaliness in winter - especially on my legs and in the knee area. Occasionally elbows.  The dry air and the cold, and lack of humidity. I go through a lot of Hydrocortisone cream - it's cheap at $4 a tube.


Also a bit of rosacea. Mainly due to the harsh winter climate.

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