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A case of the Mondays: vent your work spleen here

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8 hours ago, theredhead77 said:

Because of turtle porn?

Yes because of turtle porn.

It was really funny.  Enough to reset my mood.  

I was going to try to dig myself out of this hole.  But the more I try to describe why it was funny, the bigger the hole gets.  I just appreciated that the editor of the vid had a  gotcha moment at the end of the vid.  It made me laugh and that is all I needed.

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8 hours ago, magicdog said:

Something happened to me at work last night and i'd like your opinions as to whether or not I'm making an emotional mountain out of a molehill

Yes, unless this is a pattern.

He chose a rude way of saying he'd had a long, lousy day at work and did not wish to extend it for another moment; he should not take that out on you, as you not only weren't one of the causes but have no reason to even know he'd had a shitty day. 

But if it was a one-off, it wasn't that big a deal; I suspect if it hadn't happened in front of someone else, you wouldn't have thought much more about it once you got in and started working.  If he doesn't mention on his own during your next interaction that he's sorry for snapping at you, you can bring it up if it's still bothering you, but - again, unless he has a habit of being rude and dismissive - it just reads to me as someone using thoughtless language in a bad moment, rather than any sort of personal attack.

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@magicdog, it’s very possible you just caught your colleague at a breaking point and he blurted out what he was thinking without stopping to consider how it would sound. I don’t know his situation but can offer my own as an example. My work life for the past 3 months has consisted primarily of people saying, “I know you’re really busy with project ABC, but I desperately need help on project XYZ, which is seriously behind schedule,” and then proceeding to throw the bulk of their project over the wall at me.  I have worked late nights, weekends, and holidays to the point where I am ready to scream at the next person who brings up some non critical work item. The fact that I haven’t actually yelled at or been short with someone is only because I work remotely and so don’t encounter any colleagues in person. I would like to think I have enough self control to refrain from doing what your colleague did, but anyone can reach a breaking point where they just want to be left the hell alone on work matters, and even the slightest question can be too much to handle. 

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I've been dealing with an old, ancient pc at work forever.  Boss decided to order a new one, even though everyone on the team has laptops.  New hires - new laptop.  So he said oh you wanted a desktop.  No that was the Dip who pitched a fit about having a laptop (I'll have to carry it home?).  I had one years ago, and I dealt with it, using the heavy assed bags we got, etc.  So anyhow, I couldn't get into our one database, finally got that resolved after 3 days.  Then I couldn't get into the timekeeping database, had to email boss 5 times so he could adjust it.  Then, I couldn't get into the system remotely (using some old assed application).  Our corporate help desk was of no use - can  you share your screen?  If I could share my screen, I'd be in the fucking system you moron.  Good part of the morning spent dealing with it.  Today, I'd had it.  New pc is in a closet (for a month - our desktop support is nonexistent).  I emailed boss saying, the way I have to login remotely is ridiculous.  Why am I getting a desktop when everyone has a laptop?  He said I requested it, and made a stink.  I did NOT request it, the problem is he does not listen.  He should not have a team.  I did as little as possible when I had to go into the office.  Of course, he has yet to adjust my time.  I spent time on my phone looking at job sites.  

Then we have one person who left for a work from home job.  Queen Bee was trained on what she did.  QB is then going to train 2 to 3 other people, and they'll split up stuff.  What I think QB wants to happen is she is truly the Queen and her minions will do the work.  QB takes at least a 20 minute break per 90 minutes, then over an hour lunch.  A smoker, but damn, can one person smoke that much?  Today, I guess she jacked up stuff, and I know Dip definitely did so.  It's bad when people wait for Dip to leave, then ask me to look at shit that she did.  Happened today with the person and I looking at stuff, going ohhhh in unison - realizing what Dip had jacked up this time.  

I keep checking horoscope (next it will be reading tea leaves or whatever) to see if today is the day I should play the lottery.  My perfect dream would be to win (just enough to retire - maybe get a part time "fun" job) and leave these jokers in the lurch - come in, gather my personal stuff, and quit on the spot.  

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8 hours ago, hoosier80 said:

My perfect dream would be to win (just enough to retire - maybe get a part time "fun" job) and leave these jokers in the lurch - come in, gather my personal stuff, and quit on the spot.  

I see we have the same dream!  Although mine also included the ability to pay everyone a year's salary to anyone who will quit and leave Bitcheroo in a lurch and never work at the station until she's gone. 

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On 8/25/2019 at 9:52 PM, BookWoman56 said:

@shanndee, until a couple of years ago, I was occasionally teaching business writing online. The textbooks for the course recommended that job applicants limit their resumes to  only the last 10 years or so of work experience. Their reasoning was anything older than that would likely be irrelevant. I disagree somewhat with that rationale, but encourage you to remove anything from your resume that indicates you are over 50. No dates on college degrees, etc. Nothing can completely stop an interviewer from noticing your age in a F2F or video interview, but don’t make it easy for a hiring manager to discount you immediately based on the assumption that you’re “too old” for the job. 

And be cautious of LinkedIn and Facebook which now allows people to get around laws. 

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On 8/26/2019 at 1:38 PM, BookWoman56 said:

Not an employment or any kind of lawyer, but could you describe in general what’s going on with your work situation? Maybe some posters here can share similar experiences, point you in the right direction, or at least empathize. 

Sorry I haven’t posted. I’m leery since we don’t know who we are talking to or who reads this stuff. A lot of people read these posts and don’t participate!

My supervisor has a blind spot of some sort for me. Since she’s started supervising me, my last one retired, she’s been trying to “paper” my file. Furthermore, my annual evaluations, two so far, under her are false and inaccurate. She has me doing things that are unreasonable, and that others in the building don’t have to do. I also believe she is gossiping about me with my assistant—who doesn’t assist and was a fake hire by them—who hates answering to women, does not care about his job description because he sees himself as one of them (the clique of supervisors). He admitted this recently, saying they asked him “pointed” questions. He said he just had to answer. Mind you he doesn’t like women, and certainly, hates answering to my black ass. Oh, I’m one of only 4 out of about 50 and I’m a different title, so really the only one of my kind. 

Additionally, she does not know how to talk to people. She’s very condescending and takes on a persona as if you’re a child and she’s your parent.

The worst thing about it all—she’s an employment lawyer. No help for me in this area. I’ve had to go to the doctor because of stress and other things because of all of this. 

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