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My Motivation Is This...

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MarkHB . . . glad you liked it. Archer begins a new season tonight with a shiny status quo. You can also check out past episodes on Comedy Central, back when the show had the cast working at a spy agency called ISIS. No, really.

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Two more. First, Pokemon XYZ is still running on Cartoon Network, but Disney XD is showing a sneak preview of the next incarnation tomorrow, along with a movie.


And as South Park careens to the season finale on Wednesday, let's take a moment to remember those that have seemingly vanished into the cornfield.


That said, if Mysterion arrives to save the show, I won't be too surprised.

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I know, less than an hour of Christmas left, but I might as well post some old stuff.


(Heroes) (the webcomic)




(Doctor Who; "The Snowmen")


(Black Dynamite; it was the Christmas episode. With alien bitches, Black Santa, and O.J. Simpson)


(Axe Cop)

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With the end of the Obama years, I thought that I could share this . . . from Jordan Peele by way of The Daily Show.


Here's the uncensored clip, featuring Keegan-Michael Key and Peele, better known as Key & Peele. Also, here's another poster that I don't feel comfortable laying out here.

Onto the anime . . .


(One Piece, celebrating its 20th year in manga) (Yes, I know "We sail together" is more appropriate, but I think the original version works)


(Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Battle Tendency)

ETA: I kept meaning to do this, especially since the show will premiere net week.


(Riverdale) (I'm not watching, and I'd like to know if Archie gets strung up like a scarecrow with an "R" painted on his chest. That's what I think of this show)

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On 9.2.2017 at 6:47 AM, Lantern7 said:

From last night's Legends of Tomorrow . . .


I had to cut out the first line to make it fit, but the rest of Mick's narration still fits the show so well.

Yep, i like the show so much better in the 2nd season because they finally embrace the campiness.

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Jojo's Bizarre Adventure is done on Toonami. They ran the first two editions ("Phantom Blood" and "Battle Tendency"), and Attack on Titan takes its place in the lineup. This is from last night . . . if I have to be honest, damn near any image from either series could be used for this poster. It is that balls-out insane.


ETA: Easter is almost over, so here are a few bunny-related posters from Shin Chan . . .



. . . and one from South Park.


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Getting a jump on Father's Day . . .


(Isshin Kurosaki, Bleach)


(Prof. Cakes, China, IL) (yes, I posted it here years ago, but I forgot to mention that Baby Cakes -- the bald dude on the right -- did NOT realize "Natty" was his half-sister. Also, Prof was voiced by Jeffery Tambor, which makes it more hilarious)

And now, thinking of a grandfather.


(Pee Pap Cuyler, Squidbillies)

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Tokyo Ghoul motivates me!


I should get back upon the horse more often.


You really want to know? *sigh* In Tokyo Ghoul, you have Ghouls, who look human but can only live off of human flesh. The fella above is Tsukiyama, a self-styled "Gourmet." In the original series, hero Keneki (a human-turned-Ghoul due to absurd circumstances) cut himself on Tsukiyama's hankerchief. The Gourmet went to the bathroom, took a whiff, and really got off on it. Not really, since it ain't that kind of anime, but he really like it. This scene is from months later, when Tsukiyama takes a hit off the hanky that he saved. And he practically orgasms over it. Sometimes, I love Japan as much as I wonder if it's that weird a place for shit like that to happen.


ETA: After tonight's episode of The Challenge, I had to go back to 2001/2002 and Real World: Chicago.


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I've been meaning to make posters, especially since I'm not even halfway through the "Stardust Crusaders" edition of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. First, here are two posters based off this scene from Nichijou.




And now, here's something from the latest episode of JBA to air on Toonami. It was the end of a two-episode arc . . . here's how it ended for "Dan of Steel" (name changed for legal reasons) as Star Platinum laid down a beating.


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In anticipation of the upcoming new season of FLCL (aka Fooly Cooly):


I've been meaning to post here more often. Maybe I'd be more motivated if others felt the same way. ?

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