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My Motivation Is This...

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Recently, I accidently transferred a buttload a pictures to my Flickr account, including old motivator posters. I just saw a teaser for Heroes Reborn, and I figure I'd kick off with a look at a returning cast member, circa 2008:








. . . and here's somebody I'm pretty sure won't be seen on Reborn . . .




ETA: If anybody has old-school requests, I can check the archives and see what I can do.

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China, IL was canceled by Cartoon Network/Adult Swim. Here's the only poster I made . . . for Father's Day . . .




If anybody is out there, you can join me in posting stuff up. I'd hate to be all alone here.

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I am going to ropost my series of Doctor Who pictures,I am trying to add on to this topic so please don't move them I want them on here.














I will add more at a later time.

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Cartoon Network is running Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race, which takes cues from The Amazing Race. It's not perfect, but it's an amusing parody. Some of the teams seem modeled after TAR duos. Here are a few that work out with my skills in MS Paint and BigHugeLabs:






I can do more if there's a demand. TRR airs weeknights at 7:30, and episodes are On Demand.


ETA: I passed 600 posters, aside from special editions. Here's to not having a life!

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Parasyte premiers tonight on Adult Swim, so I figured a motivator from the promo would be in order:


Back when I was in high school, acne was the only problem I had to come to grips with.

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Next weekend, Toonami is holding a marathon of One Piece marathon. I thought I'd repost these posters of the Straw Hat Pirates from when the episodes started airing in 2013.












I'll post the rest closer to the date . . .

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Recently, I found out one of my fave reality folks passed away. Tillman didn't last long on Greatest American Dog, but he catapulted himself to fame as a skateboarding Bulldog. Here are two posters I made back then.






ETA: Since I watched The Force Awakens, I might as well share what I figure to be my only Star Wars-related poster.




(Shin Chan; Crayon Shin-Chan)

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I don't have Netflix. Basically, I don't grab cutting edge services unless I really need them. Imagine my surprise when I found the fourth season of Arrested Development on DVD at my local library. I got ideas for posters, but I don't know where to look for screencaps. Can anybody help? In the meantime, here are two I got from Google Images:



(Jeffery Tambor)



(Maria Bamford/David Cross) (And this isn't a slam on Cross . . . I think he does a good job playing a starfucker like Tobias)

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The sixth season of The Venture Bros kicks off Sunday night. I figured it's time to dust off old motivators (shrunken to fit EarthLink size limits). Let me know if you like 'em, and I'll put out more.












And here's what I figure the new season will be about . . .



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