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Deadpool (2016)

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I loved Deadpool and I'm excited for the sequel. I got even more excited after seeing the pictures for Domino. I have no idea who she is but the pictures are awesome. Coming here and seeing Josh Brolin as Cable (again, no idea), this movie better live up to the first one and the pictures that are coming out. 


As for the sad news, so tragic. I read another article about it and it's just crazy how this happened. 

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On 8/5/2017 at 3:22 AM, Zuleikha said:

Is it supposed to be makeup or is it supposed to be her skin as part of her mutation? I'm not a Deadpool fan (other than enjoying the movie) and so I'm not familiar with Domino. 

I'm not a pro face painter, but I do a lot of work alongside pro face painters and watch their technique. The biggest thing I've learned is that single-shade makeup looks like crap always. As far as I can tell, there is a single shade of white making up the eye spot. When I Googled Domino to see her comic book look, some of the artists did a blob of black for her spot, but some of them did multi-shades. The multi-shades look way better. IMHO, that's what the makeup artist needs to do with the white spot. Do some shading, do some highlighting. Also, it needs to go all the way up the eye. I don't know why the heck they have a gap below her eye. I'm guessing it will look better in the actual movie.

Her skin is the result of a shady shadow government agency genetically manipulating her while in Utero

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I finally watched this last night, with my dad. We liked it a lot, and since dad's real name is Francis, he got a kick out of this guy not liking it, either, and Deadpool rubbing it in. 

I liked the montage of him dealing with various people, trying to find Francis. When he didn't know whether it would be sexist to hit a woman, or to not hit her, how he was going to kill that guy "in five minutes" with the thing that smoothed the ice - that had me laughing for a few minutes. It was just silly, and that's exactly what I needed. 

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