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Sharknado 3: Oh HELL No! (Syfy)

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I swear, the first thing that came out of my mouth was:  Ray J???


And then:  Chad Ochocinco?? 


I voted for Tara to die.  Girlfriend can't scream right to save her life.

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So would the sharks actually find the jets attractive as mates?

Would they try to (and maybe succeed) ride them?

Would the rating have to be be changes for sexually explicit content between sharks and jets--or would it be more of a "suggestive dialogue" factor?

Would Fin and now cute school-age kid Gil be able to use the sharks attraction to the jets against them, with Gil's school yard knowledge being key?

ETA: IMDb Sharknado 4 title spec thread: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3899796/board/flat/246443940

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I've got nothing against Tara Reid, and she's had a good run (and a good paycheck) in the Sharknado movies but I hope she's done.  She looks like an older, worn out Avril Lavigne and I don't think the heavy eye makeup does her any favors either.  I was hoping that in Sharknado 2, Vivica Fox would survive and be Finn's love interest and April would get eaten but, alas, that didn't happen.   However, if April is in the next one it won't stop me from watching.

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Ian Ziering is wearing a rug, right?


From http://www.hairlosshell.com/male-celebrity-hair-transplants-and-hair-pieces February 2011:

As a huge “90210” fan, Ian Ziering was the first celeb I heard about that got a hair transplant. His hair still looks great today, so his cousin Dr. Ziering did a great job (I assume his cousin did the work). Dr. Ziering actually has an office here in Las Vegas and I was going to make an appointment with him one day because he does a few things for hair besides just transplants.
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Went to see Sharknado 2 done live by riff-trax in a theater. Couldn't stop laughing. They were discussing Tara's generous use of Botox. Scene were she's looking pensively (but not terribly mobile) into the distance. "I wonder what my face is doing?"


And of course Jarrod was in that one.

It's available on Hulu I think.

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