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I have to wonder if Arrow's Mia is a mere coincidence.  Like which came first, his plan for a child's name or Beth or someone naming Olicity's daughter?  Just as likely that they both happened separately but it's interesting to wonder about.  

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31 minutes ago, BkWurm1 said:

I have to wonder if Arrow's Mia is a mere coincidence.  Like which came first, his plan for a child's name or Beth or someone naming Olicity's daughter?  Just as likely that they both happened separately but it's interesting to wonder about.  

I wondered. I assumed Mia was named for a Mia Dearden nod. It might have been a bit too early with writing/filming/birth to have named the character after the real cutey but it could have been the other way around, that they realized they loved the name when discussing bringing on the character. That might even have been since they knew WH was leaving and they might need Emiko and/or Mia to fill the gap. Or could just be a complete coincidence, it is a popular name. It would be interesting to know though.

We know Berlanti planned their wedding long in advance, did he have secret list of his favourite baby names for their kid and happily got his own bundle of joy at the same time? 😜

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Here's my updated, post-S7 social media listing - no spoilers, just based on my speculation/hopes (and yes, I'm keeping EBR on the list, so what? 😉 )... 

Official CW Arrow 

Arrow Writers Room

Arrow Production Office

Greg Berlanti

Marc Guggenheim (Arrow executive consultant)

Beth Schwartz (Arrow showrunner)

James Bamford (Arrow producing director)

Blake Neely (Arrowverse composer/conductor)

Andy Poon (Arrowverse concept artist)

T3 Athletics/Thomas Taylor (Arrow trainer)


Stephen Amell

Emily Bett Rickards

David Ramsey

Colton Haynes

Echo Kellum [his social media links no longer work]

Rick Gonzalez

Juliana Harkavy

Katie Cassidy Rodgers

Ben Lewis

Katherine McNamara

Joseph David-Jones

Andrea Sixtos

LaMonica Garrett


Audrey Marie Anderson

John Barrowman

Manu Bennett

Paul Blackthorne

Joe Dinicol

Colin Donnell

Christopher Gerard
[no twitter account]

Samantha Jo

Liam Hall

Willa Holland

Ernie Hudson

Katrina Law

David Nykl

Raj Paul

Kacey Rohl

Charlotte Ross

Jamey Sheridan
[no twitter account]

Susanna Thompson

MIchael Jai White


Emilio Ortega Aldrich (Arrow writer)
[no twitter account]

Oscar Balderrama (Arrow writer)

Rebecca Bellotto (Arrow writer)

Jill Blankenship (Arrow writer)
[no twitter account]

Elisa Delson (Arrow writer)
[no twitter account]

Maya Houston (Arrow writer)

Deric A. Hughes (Arrow writer)

Onalee Hunter Hughes (Arrow writer)

Elizabeth Kim (Arrow writer)

Tonya Kong (Arrow writer)
https://www.instagram.com/queenkong001/  [private]

Benjamin Rabb (Arrow writer)

Rebecca Rosenberg (Arrow writer)

Jeanie Wong (Arrow writer)


Official CW Network

Suzanne Gomez (CW SVP, Primetime Publicity, for Arrow, Flash, Supergirl and Batwoman)

Warner Bros. TV

David Rapaport (Arrowverse casting director)

Geoff Johns

DC Comics

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SA did an Instagram Live video and said he was supposed to be at this morning’s CW upfronts but he went to bed on Sunday night and his body “tapped out” for days so he wasn’t able to make it. He also apologized for missing some Code 8 premieres and promised to make it up to people (I’m not sure how but those tickets were $300 so I hope for the audience’s sake they do something cool). He also vented about Heroes & Villians and wow, that split does not sound amicable. 

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^^^ Here's SA live instagram video from yesterday...

(Instagram English Live Channel)

-- SA: "First of all, just a few apologies. For the first time in as long as I can remember, or actually since basically the end of Season 1 of Arrow, um, my body tapped out. I was, um - I was in Walla Walla after a very, very lovely weekend and Sunday night rolled around and, uh, I went up to bed and didn't really get out of bed until yesterday afternoon, which is a crazy thing that's never happened to me before. I'm okay. I didn't have a mental episode or not depressed - not that there's anything wrong with that. I didn't have a panic attack. I simply couldn't get out of bed. My body tapped out. I was exhausted. And so, before we get going here, I just want to apologize to everyone who was in Dallas on Tuesday evening. I know you got a note about the Code 8 premiere, uh, but we will make that up to you guys. I know it wasn't one of our biggest premieres, but that is neither here nor there. Uh, I had every intention of being there. I even attempted to reschedule my flight out of Walla Walla for Tuesday morning and, um, it just didn't happen. And I had to listen to myself on this one. So I'm really, really sorry. We will make it up to you guys, uh, I promise. To anyone who was in Miami yesterday evening, uh, I know that we got a note about that. I understand that a few people were there. And again we will make it up to you guys and I apologize for that. But once again, I take sole responsibility, but I - my body tapped out. Um, apologies to everyone at The CW, but specifically to Mark Pedowitz. I was supposed to be at the Upfronts this morning and again, um, I just couldn't make it. You need to know when you can't make it in situations like these. Um, I will be making it to Orlando this weekend and I will be fulfilling all my obligations at MegaCon and I'm very excited about that and to get out and see everybody, now that I've had the better part of the week to recharge and even still have tonight and tomorrow and all that good stuff. But, uh, I missed my CW family today. I was really pumped to see the trailer for Batwoman. I'm excited that we're going to be on after The Flash on Tuesday evenings because I feel that's a pairing that I always wanted to have. And I'm excited for the last season of Arrow, which I haven't really started thinking about yet. Speaking of which, I hope everybody enjoyed, or at least attempted to enjoy, our season finale. I, um - I'm excited to hear what's in store for Season 8 and - yeah. Moving on to what's happening in the future. There's been a lot of conjecture as to why I'm not going to Heroes & Villains FanFest on this - well, I guess, this coming Saturday and Sunday in London. I'm - I'm not going to get into it, other than to say, over the course of time, being at conventions, I've probably met 60,000 people, give or take. I just pulled that number out of a hat. If you told me there was 120, I wouldn't be surprised. If you told me it was 50, that would be as low as I would go. But, suffice it to say, um, I have always attempted to treat everyone with, um - with respect and consideration. And I feel like if I have had 60,000 interactions, probably 59,940 have been positive - or at least, in my mind, they've been positive and I tried to make them so. I operated and allowed myself to be announced for Heroes & Villains and then planned the premieres of Code 8 and our F**k Cancer party based on my appearance there. Um, I allowed myself to be announced in good faith and I wasn't treated in good faith. I'm very, very sorry that they had to postpone their event. Um, but I decided to go do another event that weekend because I was always going to be there in the first place and because it is my hope that as many people as possible who had hoped to come out and meet me are able to transfer their tickets. Um, we're going to look into the event as to be doing something additional for people that weren't able to do that, whether it be an additional Q&A, an additional something, I don't know, but it pisses me off to no end that there are people who had good faith because I had good faith that are being punished for it. I think it's unfortunate. I think it's unseemly. And I'd go so far as to say that it's f**king reprehensible. But I'll tell you what it isn't. It's not my fault. And I'm the type - if I need to take a portion of the blame, I will. So if I'm going to take 5% of the blame here, I'm going to take it, because I operated in good faith and I put my trust in someone when maybe, an entity - not someone, something - when maybe I shouldn't have. Um, so that's my mistake on that one. But, um, I operated in good faith. I operated in good faith at additional cons when I didn't have to and I wasn't treated with the same amount of mutual respect. That's unfortunate, but it is what it is. So I want everyone to be aware that this Thursday, we will be doing our Code 8 premieres. This Friday, we will be doing our F**k Cancer party. This Saturday and Sunday, I will be at MCM. Any obligations that you see on my Facebook page, it is not my intention ever, ever, to cancel things. It pisses me off to no end. It bums me out to no end. It probably kept me in bed an additional day because I was bummed out. But again, when you're tired, you have to listen to your body. And, um, I was tired and I was beat up and I was worried that I was going to get sick and I have obligations as a father and a husband that extend well beyond my professional obligations, which I had to, um, put on hold for this week. So, there we are. That's the story. That's all you need to hear. I'm excited to see people this weekend in Orlando. I'm excited to see people next Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday in London. And if I mixed up the days of the Code 8 premiere and the F**k Cancer party, I'm really sorry, but I'm almost positive that it's Thursday Code 8 and Friday F**k Cancer. I don't think there are tickets available for Code 8, uh, but there are tickets available for the F Cancer party. And, uh, I'll make sure there's a brand new link to my Facebook page, so you guys can go check it out because, you know, we still have face - face, space available. As you see, I haven't spoken much at all, let alone in public, for the past several weeks. But, thank you guys for your patience. I'm sorry if there was any inconvenience. And, uh, I'm sorry if you were injured over my cancellation for Heroes & Villains FanFest this coming weekend in London. And I'm doubly sorry that they postponed the event and, um, maybe didn't word it and the reason for the cancellation as well as they could have. Okay, that's it for me and I hope to be a little more active, um, but I'm excited to see everybody this weekend. All the best, guys. Thank you."

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From the way SA spoke about the Fan Fest in London I get the impression they knew they they were going to have to cancel long before SA announced he would be at the other con but then used the other con as an excuse to shift blame.

But also, wow, how badly was Amell burning the candle at both ends if he basically slept for three days?  And how does one let it get that bad?  He still looks kind of rough in the video.  (Thought the non shaved head helps to distract from his tiredness a lot.  NOW he lets it grow out, sigh.)  

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1 minute ago, BkWurm1 said:

NOW he lets it grow out, sigh

Reflecting on it, it looks like he kept it that short the whole time to refilm that scene with Oliver and the Moniter in 722, so not entirely SA's fault 😅

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SA is at MegaCon Orlando this weekend - his panel starts at 12:30pm (ET) today...

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Also, a reminder that Adrian Paul is recreating Arrow's Oliver vs. Ra's al Ghul duel during his Sword Experience event in Lakeland, FL, this morning.

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Transcription of what SA said in the above video clip tweeted by Starry Mag about his fave scene to shoot with EBR:

-- SA: "... Because it was, um, 12 hours, and it was just her and I on set, and it was a - it was a Friday until a Saturday morning. And we were either chilling in the limo, or I was laughing at her as she gets blood applied to her, or I'm like, you know, figuring out a way to, like, go through the partition to, like, slide into the front seat and drive away. It wasn't a fun scene, but it was a fun scene to shoot. You know, we got to hang out, so I can't actually think of another day where - actually, I know I can - where just all day, it was just her and me."

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