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S03.E01: Two Janes Are Better Than One

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I am by no definition a good singer, so I could be totally off in my thinking, but, it seems to me that the reason why they do so bad at "doo-ing" is that they tend to go too fast, instead of keeping to the tempo of the actual song, and they tend to start at the beginning.  I think, for most songs, it would be better to start in the middle of the song, near where the song gets to the title in the lyrics, or start with the refrain/chorus. 


I think once someone fails three times at getting their team to name the song, they should be able to pick someone else to come up at Doo-doo. 


Did the "you won a new car" fake out seem mean , or was it just that most of the celebs seemed to fall for it?


Considering that the most the winner can win is $25,000, they should have known that there was no way the loser would get a new car.  I was surprised the celebs fell for it.

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My family bought the home edition of Hollywood Game Night and the Do-Do-Do game is impossible. Honestly, we are lucky if we get 1 right for both teams. Everything ended up sounding like "Don't Go Breaking My Heart" to me. And when I did it, I was surprised at how hard it was to replace the words with Do-Do-Do. La or another sound seemed to work better.

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I watched the rerun tonight and gee, John & Chrissy don't get better with time.


Casting Couch was okay, but it didn't translate as well, visually, so I belatedly agree that needs tweaking or a reworking. I like the winnowing aspect, though.


Love Quinto as Cabbie in Where Ya Goin'? He's fun; can we have him back on, Show?

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They rebroadcast this episode on Dec 29th, and I just got around to re-watching.  I had remembered all the comments about how "ghastly" Chrissy Teigen was, and NO.  Just NO.  The "Clovis joke" was made by John, not her -- she just went along with it.  If she "Ummed" a bit in her responses, at least she gave good clues once she got focused.  And she freakin' WON "How Doo You Doo" for Matt.

Look at this from the recap:

Joe and I discussed this a couple of months back with regard to Lip Sync Battle, but it's worth asking again: why is Chrissy Teigen? ... She also starts poorly by getting real defensive about failing to get a question right in the very first game.

[a little later]
YES, JOHN, WE KNOW IT DOESN'T COUNT. It's called "trying," maybe you should have asked your wife what that is.

It seems like Tara is complaining about something she admires a moment later. Tigan just can't win with some folks it seems.

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