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Mulder and Scully: Partners Together in Crime.

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I think this scene is a reversal of their usual dynamic, in a couple of ways. Mulder has such a tendency to put the full weight of his problems directly on Scully's shoulders - think about Sein und Zeit/Closure, when Mulder asks Scully to do an autopsy on his mother, and she really doesn't want to but he insists. Mulder is an absolute mess in those episodes, and I completely understand why, but I've always marveled at Scully's ability to support Mulder through all of that and never show the strain. I also think there was a long period of time when Mulder wasn't ready for a relationship with Scully but did want her to be around and emotionally available to him forever. I find it perfectly believable that it's now Scully who can't deal with a relationship but also can't imagine her life without Mulder, and I can understand her getting insecure at the idea that Mulder might meet someone else. But Scully's also a rational person and an adult. She's got to know that when you're upset because you want your ex to stay single forever, your ex is not the person to talk to about that, unless you want to get back together. If this were the kind of show that has continuity, I would worry that Mulder really will meet someone and Scully will be crushed. As it is, I have absolutely no idea what Mulder and Scully's relationship status will be next week, so there's no point in worrying about it.

I thought it might make more sense to respond to this here.  I guess I just don't agree that their usual dynamic is for Mulder to "put the full weight of his problems directly on Scully's shoulders."  In fact, I would argue that Sein und Zeit/Closure is the exception that proves the rule.  Usually when dealing with anything related to Samantha or his family, Mulder DOESN'T put the weight of that Scully's shoulders.  Instead he normally ditches Scully and does incredibly stupid things like drill holes in his head or take off with Jeremiah Smith to find a Canadian bee farm while not confirming the Alien Bounty Hunter is actually dead.  That, in and of itself, isn't exactly a healthy way to deal with their issues but he's pretty explicit in not wanting to lean on Scully until he absolutely has to (and this especially relates to his very unhealthy relationship with Teena Mulder - he's forever looking for both Bill and Teena Mulder's approval and forever not getting it).  The fact that he did insist on Scully doing the autopsy is indicative of how much of an emotional basket case he is in SUZ/Closure.

Mulder depends on Scully to be the rational one, the one whose logic will save him.  That is a form of dependency, too, but it is not a dependency that is based on her doing the emotional work for him. He wants her to do the rational work, while he gets to go with his gut and his emotions.  But Scully does expect Mulder to put in the emotional labor when she is in trouble or needs help.  It's part of the reason why, IMO, she's so upset with him in Revelations - aside from the fact that Mulder can be such a total ass when it comes to ANYTHING related to Scully's faith life, I think she's upset in realizing that when it comes to spiritual/religious stuff, she can't rely on him being the emotional one because he's a Hipster Atheist who sneers at the concept of God.


I guess I'm bothered by this partly because I really like the idea that Mulder and Scully's relationship has evolved over time, that they talk to each other much more easily and openly than they did all those years ago. I like the idea of reserved, stiff-upper-lip Scully being able to just go straight to Mulder and tell him what she's worried about, instead of waiting until the next time they get stranded out in the middle of nowhere with something trying to eat them. I just wish that worry weren't "What if you meet someone," which, depending on how you look at it, is either totally irrational or really thoughtless.

I don't disagree with the point of their relationship evolving but to be honest, to me that conversation was an example of how they have evolved. For most of the show's life, Scully spent a lot of time denying (to herself, mostly) her attraction and devotion to Mulder.  The fact that she could admit that whatever it is that they currently have, she recognizes that they will always be connected, actually feels to me like she's being more honest about who they are and what they mean to each other than they ever have been.  

I take your point about the question of "what if you meet someone" as being more thoughtless than is normal for Scully.  But I would tend to her feeling a bit irrational about their relationship, which as I said, doesn't really feel all that out of character for me.

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I've had to fanwank to myself that there's part of the conversation missing in Plus One which would make it clear they were discussing the other moving on if one of them died or something.  That's the only way I can reconcile the whole thing to make sense with where they are at in their relationship right now.

It keeps me sane, anyway.

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