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I've long thought that a season of this show featuring widows and widowers would be interesting.  We're seeing a very shallow version of this with Jaclyn in the current (as of this writing) season.  But as a widow myself who has met a lot of people who have lost their spouses, this situation has some interesting dynamics, for example:

1)  Men tend to be less able to cope and want to replace much more quickly (but with someone usually younger and hotter than they are).
2) Women seem to fall into one of four camps:  "I already had perfection and no one else can live up to him", "I need someone to love", "No way would I do that again", or "I'm OK on my own but would be open to the possibility even though I can't imagine it."
3) Most new marriages between widows and widowers are like a marriage of four people and you have to be able to deal with that without feeling you're competing with a ghost.
4) For older new couples there is the issue of adult or teenage children and how the new person integrates into the family.

Most reality shows are not interested in people who are getting older and/or saggy, but young widows and widowers have a much different perspective than older ones do.

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On 2/11/2018 at 12:07 PM, seniorpatriot said:

If the producers really want some drama, instead of pairing people who are so clearly WRONG for each other like this season , how about this?

Make A Married at First Sight show for SENIORS? Have to be at least 50. These people have most likely been married before, already know a lot of the married ropes, have kids most likely ( a major source of contention in a lot of second marriages.) Many are very set in their ways, many are very likely to compare their new spouse with deceased ones. Now THAT would be a show.


This may work!

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