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On 9/22/2020 at 4:46 AM, bmoore4026 said:

OK, I saw it last night but wasn't up to posting here.  Sorry.

I guess I have to watch Watchmen now and see what all the hubbub is about.  And Schitt's Creek.

I do know this much - we don't need "comedy" at these award shows.  They are cringe inducing torture with an audience, but without an audience is even worse.  When you're performing shtick to an empty house, you're fasting your and everybody else's time.  No one cares.  It's why I'm not watching the late shows except for John Oliver; you need to have something to bounce things off of or else it just goes to crap.  That's my two cents.  God knows how the Oscars will be (if it happens at all.)

I recommend watching Seth Meyers for the sake of your mental health in these dark, dark days. At least catch A Closer Look on YouTube. Colbert can be pretty cutting too, in a therapeutic kind of way.

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Some changes are coming to Emmys' categories.

Emmys: TV Academy Merges Variety Talk and Sketch Categories, Expands Limited Series to Include Anthologies, DQs Oscar Hopefuls

The most notable move, in a year in which most films are being unveiled on TV due to the closure of movie theaters, is that any non-documentary film that is uploaded to the film Academy's streaming site — in other words, any non-documentary film that is seeking Oscar recognition — will be disqualified from the Emmy competition. This means that something like Greyhound, from Apple TV+, will not be Emmy-eligible, but Hamilton, from Disney+, will be.

Here is the TV Academy's specific wording about this: "To clarify the distinction between theatrical motion pictures and television movies during the ongoing pandemic, any non-documentary film placed on the AMPAS viewing platform for Oscar consideration will be deemed a theatrical motion picture and thus ineligible for the Emmy competition. Additionally, the previously announced rule will apply: Effective in 2021, any programs that have been nominated for an Oscar are no longer eligible to enter the Primetime Emmy Awards competition."

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A reminder that all Primetimer rules and policies are in effect during live chats, including politics policy. Please stick to discussion of the show. Thank you.

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