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S05.E23: Maddie vs. Mackenzie

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Are tap gogo boots practical?


You can throw taps on anything for a "costume" effect but I don't think that's a good plan for competing a tap solo.  There is a reason that Maddie is shilling K360s for Capezio as a brand ambassador.  To my disgust I got the email announcing this revelation, I'm the mom, so I still buy most of the dance related items for the college student. :(

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You know who makes great money? Doctoral-level school administrators.


I can only imagine fame/"opportunities" is the real reason the Fraziers stay. There's no way they're replacing Holly's lost income on this rinky-dink show.

Very foolish and short-sighted.

The only reason why Holly was making a lot of money with her job was their location and it was a private school. That's it; plus she got her Doctorate mid way through Season 1 which meant she only had her Master's at the time. Granted it's nothing to sneeze at, BUT after Kelly's lawsuit aired all the dirty laundry on how much these women are being paid per episode along with the extra's, Holly is making much, much more on this show than she would have been or really will ever (unless she's gets into an admin job on a college level) make. Long-term earnings it would be more considering they've killed any career prospects with this show and her credibility, but year to year? DM would have been worth it from a financial aspect. 

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I think Jo Jo is the one that's borne the brunt of Abby's hostility more than any of the girls. It's all so unnecessary because she's a really good dancer and Abby's given her some hard choreography at times, the routine wearing a straight jacket, the "Carrie" one.

As far as the best, I think that's Kalani, beautiful girl, beautiful lines, no drama.

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It would have been hilarious if one of the moms told Melissa, "I agree, Maddie danced great and should have won, but she lost because you and Abby effed up her hair." Of course, the real reason she lost was because her solo was easy and boring.

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Frankly, I believe JoJo's solo costume was entirely inappropriate for her age. Not to mention appalling.

I am growing in my JoJo love but I wish her mom would quit bleaching her poor hair. At this rate it will be fried before she's 20. Besides, brunette is beautiful.

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That's so true, and we know she actually CAN dance judging from the groups where she's certainly better than JoJo and often Nia. I'd love to see her with a real solo that was all hers and see how she does - one where she isn't pushed into doing "Maddie Face" to make the dance.


But really, I think the kid belongs on the gym floor not a dance stage. Had her Mom been paying attention to anyone other than Maddie we might be talking about MackZ and a possible Olympic berth. Melissa really hasn't done well by that kid. I want to bring her home with me, send her back to school, sign her up for gym class, and let her eat chips to her hearts content on the weekends. 

Can you imagine Bela Karyoli (Nadia's and Mary Lou's gym coach) working with Mackenzie?   Rather than Abby as a coach with dancing? 

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