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Best Movie Dance Sequences

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I recently saw Bruce Lee's Enter the Dragon in a theater.  I was struck at how several of the fighting sequences were choreographed and very much were dances.   I had forgotten how humorous it was, as well.  

My favorite sequence was when he went around a "square" of four opponents with sidekicks.  If someone on SYTYCD or DWTS ever mimicked that in a contemporary dance, I bet it would get a ton of great word of mouth.  

Do y'all have any fight sequences you believe was as much dance as fight, which you enjoyed?

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I don't have one particular sequence, but The Warriors came instantly to mind for that idea. It was so stylized, its fights came off dance-like, almost reminiscent of West Side Story.

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Bumping it up with "No Dames" from Hail, Caesar! featuring Channing Tatum doing the best song-and-dance routine in a sailor suit since Gene Kelly in On the Town:

No Dames

ETA: Hollywood or Broadway, please put Channing Tatum in a musical ASAP. 

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Astaire and Rogers: "Cheek to Cheek" (justly famous, they were really great at conveying emotion and storyline through dance as well)


I always loved that little number Astaire did with Lucille Bremer, I think it's very charming:

This Heart of Mine

Again with Bremer, danced in 5/4 time (a shame that Bremer's career didn't take off)!

Coffee Time

That one is great fun as well (with Jane Powell):

How Could You Believe Me When I Said I Loved You When You Know I've Been a Liar All My Life? (best title ever lol)

Astaire with Eleanor Powell (probably the best technical tap dancer in the history of movies, but most of her dance partners couldn't keep up with her. She was also more of a solo performer, really. Kinda like Gene Kelly in that sense. But this is an exception IMO. It's magic. Two equals with different styles adjusting to each other. Powell with her precision and staccato movement, Astaire lighter and more elegant, also with much freer upper body movement. And the camaraderie is nice, how they're reacting to each other and having fun: She's starting to mimic his looseness and arm movements and he's keeping up with her ferocity and going harder into the ground than he usually does):

Begin the Beguine

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Last night I saw the 30th Anniversary of Dirty Dancing at the movies, and wow. Just wow. I know I've seen the movie a dozen times already, but watching it on the big screen again raised my enjoyment to another level. And before the movie played, there was a featurette that in part, highlighted the origin of some of the movies dancing.

So what was my favorite dance sequence? I've narrowed it down to five (in order of appearance):

  • "Do You Love Me?" scene when Baby visits the staff quarters for the first time
  • "Hungry Eyes" dance lesson montage
  • "Hey, Baby" dancing on the log
  • "Cry To Me" seduction scene
  • "Love Is Strange" scene in the dance studio

--The final scene is also one of my favorites, but I don't love it quite as much as those five. 

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Here's the finale dance scene from the Ghostbusters reboot, featuring Chris Hemsworth, who, for many, was by far the best thing about it. He was great throughout, but his unbridled joy (and unbridled hotness) in this scene helped make it even better:

Get Ghost

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To celebrate Brendan Fraser’s Oscar win, here’s the classic dance scene from George of the Jungle:


The song was a banger, the chemistry was undeniable, and the dork dancing was adorable.

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